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The importance of higher education in Australia's continuing development has become a central feature to the planning of both public and private enterprise.

There have been increased performance pressures on higher education which have been reflected in growing demands on all staff.

The new environment for higher education demands an organisational as well as an individual response.


The University of Western Australia is committed to optimising opportunities for all staff to improve their levels of skills and knowledge to improve the quality of workplace productivity and staff satisfaction. The development of staff is a joint responsibility shared by individual staff members, managers and supervisors, and the institution.

Individual staff members are encouraged to seek appropriate developmental opportunities both within the University and externally.

Managers and supervisors are expected to ensure access to relevant staff development activities for individuals, including secondments and acting positions, and for groups of staff.

UWA encourages staff to undertake further studies and has developed a range of policies to support this.

Designed to assist

Staff development at the University is designed to assist staff in meeting new demands through a range of developmental and skill building activities. Central support is provided for all staff by Organisational and Staff Development Services and through a range of school and faculty initiatives, and for academic staff through study leave.

Staff new to the University are provided with a range of development opportunities, including a Staff Orientation, Teaching and Learning and Research Orientations, and a range of workshops relating to University processes and systems.

Teaching-related academic staff are advised at appointment that they should participate in Foundations of Teaching and Learning within their first two years of appointment. Heads of school are strongly encouraged to support this attendance by reduced teaching loads wherever possible.

Additional workshops, courses and individual support are offered through the Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning. These include central support and faculty-based initiatives.