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Leading Change Fundamentals For All Staff

"Build a change platform, not a change program"

Hamel and Zanini (2014)

"In times of change, learners inherit the Earth… while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists." – Eric Hoffer

Change occurs everywhere. To stay in advance of changes in the higher education sector, UWA initiated the Renewal Project which identified key initiatives to assist UWA in achieving service excellence through continuous improvement. Introduced in 2015, Leading Change Fundamentals is a practical and interactive program which will equip all staff, whether in a formal leadership role or not, to successfully lead change.

In recognition of participants' feedback, content for the Leading Change Fundamentals program has been updated and the mode of delivery has changed from a two day workshop to three separate modules which can be done as a suite or one-off. Each module takes place weekly with a one week break between each set of three modules. Duration for each module is approximately three hours.

LCF – Module 1:

  • Understanding the drivers for change at UWA
  • Positioning yourself to successfully navigate through change
  • Knowing the powerful difference between change, transition and transformation
  • Understanding UWA's industrial context for organisational change
  • Tools to deliver effective organisational change
    • Kotter’s 8- Steps Change Model
    • Change Readiness Assessment
    • Psychological transitions associated with change (Bridge's model)

LCF – Module 2

  • Taking ownership of change
  • Understanding emotional responses to change in yourself and others
  • Building your resilience
  • Managing stress

LCF – Module 3

  • Understanding the drivers of resistance
  • Knowing how change impacts on communication
  • Using Appreciative Enquiry as a catalyst for change
  • Your role in shaping culture to embed changes

This program is designed to help UWA staff understand and manage change, both for yourself and your team.

We encourage people to go along with team members to allow you to apply the concepts and tools to real life change in your work area.

Individuals are very welcome too.

Leading Change Fundamentals will take place at Love House - Seminar Room 1.


Leading Change Fundamentals For All Staff - Module 1: Essence of Change

Leading Change Fundamentals For All Staff - Module 2: Internalising Change

Leading Change Fundamentals For All Staff - Module 3: Communicating Change