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This workshop aims to build capacity around creating, sustaining and deepening an inclusive workplace.

Workshop purpose and scope

Workshop description:

The workshop covers how diversity is positioned at UWA including the historical context and introduces the twin 'lens' of unconscious bias and privilege.

It describes how UWA can strive to become a Great Place to Work (GPTW) organisation by providing participants with a toolkit of practical workplace inclusivity strategies.

This workshop also provides information around workplace bullying and harassment – the legal context, its manifestation and how to identify the behaviour, the 'cost' to the employer and employee and practical steps to address it.

It is usually offered as a 90-minute workshop but it can be 'tailored' for a half-day or full-day workshop (refer to the Understanding diversity workshop.)

Intended outcomes:
Through this course, you will:
  • better understand how diversity is 'positioned' at UWA
  • explore the two key concepts and processes of ‘unconscious bias’ and ‘privilege’
  • obtain greater clarity around the nature, manifestation and implications of workplace bullying and harassment
  • examine key diversity factors (gender, sexual diversity, race and disability), how they interact and influence workplace ‘culture’
  • develop further skills that facilitate an inclusive campus culture