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External providers

The LH Martin Institute, a provider of tailored management and leadership programs for the tertiary education sector.

Courses for managers and staff in leadership roles throughout the University.

A fresh look at client service
We can work with you through this course to improve customer service in your school, faculty or business area.
Conducting successful meetings
This three hour workshop on conducting successful meetings is a must for anyone who is responsible for conducting or chairing meetings or committees and who has found themselves wondering if there is a better way to get agreement on future actions.
Introduction to management
This course will examine the role and responsibilities of first line managers/team leaders; assist you to more effectively organise yourself and others; help you to develop effective communication skills; and explore the factors necessary for the provision of effective performance feedback and problem solving.
Disagreeing well
Sound disagreement skills are an integral part of building robust relationships with the people we work with. This workshop will help you to disagree well.
Leader and team induction
This workshop accelerates the on-boarding process of a new leader/manager to increase the likelihood of team and leader success and achieve productivity earlier than would otherwise occur.