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Disability, impairment and mental health

The University is committed to dismantling structural, attitudinal, and environmental barriers that limit the opportunity for staff or students with an impairment or health condition to contribute and fully realise their potential.

  1. Action plan
  2. Policy
  3. Track record and current work

Action plan

The UWA Disability Access and Inclusion Action Plan (DAIP) 2011-2016 and Implementation Schedule 2011-2013 proactively addresses the challenges of equitable access to educational, employment, cultural and sporting opportunities within our campus community for people with a disability.


Staff and students - As part of its commitment staff and students with a disability or medical condition, UWA has policies, procedures and other supports in place. The UWA Policy on Disability and Medical Conditions was updated in 2013.

Supported Wage Scheme - These guidelines scope the intention and positive outcomes available through the Supported Wage scheme which provides positive employment options for individuals who cannot work at full capacity due to disability.

The Mental Health Policy describes the principles guiding the UWA management of mental health and wellbeing for the campus community. The University is committed to providing a sensitive and informed approach to mental health, ensuring the campus community is aware of, and responsive to, the needs of those who are at risk of developing, or have, a mental health issue. The policy provides guidelines for managing mental health with reference to sources of education, support, assistance, and advice. It also includes a flowchart to assist decision making in a mental health crisis.

Track record and current work

Accessibility and Way Finding

UWA endeavours to improve access around campus, and has produced a map of the Crawley and Claremont campus and surrounds identiftying access and wayfinding features.

Hard copies of the UWA Campus Access and Mobility map can be picked up from the Visitors Centre, Student Services, and Parking and Security.

UWA Campus Map [PDF, 443.2 KB]
Updated 31 Jul 2014