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Christian faith is based on the belief in one God who exists in three persons (the trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who may be known as Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier respectively).

The world is created by God and is good but is disrupted by evil, disobedience and human self-centredness. Christians believe this world is being restored through the life, death and resurrection of Christ and the power of the Spirit. Believers are called to offer their lives in trust to God, for transformation and to work in the world for justice, peace and reconciliation. The basis of Christian faith and understanding is set out in the Bible, the creeds and other historical statements of faith.

The general pattern of Christian religious observance is based on both a weekly (Sunday for most Christians) and yearly cycle. The major Christian denominational groups are the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant traditions. These traditions vary with regard to certain practices, biblical interpretations and moral teachings but these differences exist within a unifying Trinitarian belief. Different parts of the Christian tradition celebrate basically the same annual cycle of festivals, but they can be at slightly different times.

The two major markers of the Christian years are Easter (celebrating the saving death and resurrection of Jesus Christ) and Christmas (celebrating the birth of Christ or incarnation of God). There are also a variety of lesser Christian celebrations throughout the year marking the lives of some of the saints and some of the major events in Jesus’ life and ministry.