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Diverse sexualities and genders

Gender equity refers to the University’s commitment to ensuring that both women and men have the maximum opportunity to achieve their potential at UWA.

  1. UWA policies
  2. Workplace Gender Equality Agency Annual Public Report 2016
  3. Achievement relative to opportunity
  4. Study of achievement relative to opportunity
  5. Recent gender equity research
  6. Resources for Staff and Managers

UWA policies

The University has a number of policies relevant to the broad area of gender equality and actively pursues new initiatives to provide a fair and empowered place to work and study.

Workplace Gender Equality Agency Annual Public report 2016

In accordance with the requirements of the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Act), The University of Western Australia lodged its 2016 annual public report with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (Agency). As an employee of this organisation you may make comments on the report to us by email to Fay Davidson Strategy and Planning or to the Agency. Please refer to the Agency’s guidelines on this process on their website

2016 WGEA Annual Public Report
WGEA Report 2016 [PDF, 172.8 KB]
Updated 1 Aug 2016

Achievement relative to opportunity

In contemporary universities, the traditional norm of full-time work and an uninterrupted linear career trajectory no longer matches the profile of many staff. The principle of achievement relative to opportunity (AR20) in employment and performance-related decision making provides the opportunity to create a workplace culture that attracts and retains the best staff with a diversity of characteristics, employment arrangements and career histories.

The project is working on finding practical ways to incorporate these principles into evaluative and developmental frameworks such as recruitment and selection processes, workload formula, the Professional Development Review (PDR) and in the offering of internal grants and other opportunities.

Group of Eight discussion paper

Study of achievement relative to opportunity

A study of achievement relative to opportunity was conducted at UWA in 2012. The particular focus of the study was the impact of non-linear careers on achievement.

Recent gender equity research

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics commissioned a review of the position of academic women within the faculty. The research report, Optimising Faculty Performance: Maximising the potential of academic women, was released in 2012. This report complements earlier but allied research conducted within the School of Physics at The University of New South Wales.

ECM report Appendix [PDF, 1.4 MB]
Updated 28 Feb 2013

ECM report Appendix [DOC, 2.3 MB]
Updated 28 Feb 2013

Resources for staff and manager

Australian Human Rights Commission

The Gender Centre