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Collective Workplace Agreements 2016

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Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2016 is currently taking place and this new website has been created to provide you with links to documents and up to date information.

The majority of employment conditions at the University are regulated by Collective Workplace Agreements (CAs).

These agreements are negotiated between the University, employees and the relevant unions through Enterprise Bargaining.

Collective Workplace Agreements

There are four collective agreements in operation at the University:

Please note the Academic and Professional Agreement web pages are being updated. PDF and Word copies of the agreements can be found here.

Other agreements

Clinical Academics Agreement

This is not a University of Western Australia Collective Agreement.

The agreement is applicable for Clinical Academics in relation to their employment with the Department of Health under the Department of Health Medical Practitioners (Director General) AMA Industrial Agreement 2011.

Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs)

The University no longer offers Australian Workplace Agreements, given legislative changes to the Workplace Relations Act 1996 (Cwlth).