Human Resources

Part D - Performance Management and Development

37.   Professional Development Review

37.1   The University's Performance Management Framework includes an annual Professional Development Review process.

37.2   Employees shall undertake an annual review with their supervisor or his/her delegate. The University will continue to consult with employees and where they choose their employee representatives regarding the implementation of the Professional Development Review process.

37.3   In accordance with subclause 37.2 supervisors are required to receive relevant training in Professional Development Review prior to undertaking reviews of other employees.

37.4   Employees will be offered relevant training prior to participating in their own professional development review.

37.5   The Professional Development Review process aims to assist all employees to perform at their optimum level and supervisors shall adopt a professional and constructive approach.

37.6   The Professional Development process will not be used for disciplinary purposes.

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38.   Academic Staff Supervision

38.1   Each academic should have a nominated supervisor who shall normally be the Head of the academic Unit in which the academic is employed. Provided that the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, nominated Academic Member of Executive or the Dean may delegate in writing, an alternative supervisor. Academics may request the nomination of an alternative supervisor, such requests may be approved by the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

38.2   Supervisors will be expected to provide academic and administrative leadership and are responsible for monitoring the performance of academics and for providing assistance to academics whose performance is assessed as requiring improvement. Wherever possible supervisors shall be competent in the areas of expertise of the academics for whom they are responsible.

38.3   The supervisor should receive appropriate training in academic staff assessment techniques and the provisions of this Agreement.

38.4   The supervisor for purposes of professional development review may be nominated in accordance with the University’s policy.

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39.   Supervisor Training

39.1   Training for employees with supervisory responsibilities should be conducted and include:

39.1.1   Induction programs for supervisors;

39.1.2   Ongoing program of supervisor training;

39.1.3   Training directed towards assessment of job performance rather than individual characteristics;

39.1.4   Training which includes equal opportunity and affirmative action policies and guidelines; and

39.1.5   Training on academic staff assessment techniques and the provisions of this Agreement.

39.2   For the purposes of the Professional Development Review process, the University will ensure that an ongoing training program is provided for supervisors and that the supervisor has undertaken such training prior to conducting a review.

39.3   The training will stress the objectives of the scheme and will emphasise its developmental nature and its role in assisting all employees to perform at their optimum level.

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40.   Staff Support

40.1   Any issues of concern should be raised with the employee at an early stage and appropriate support provided to enable employees to achieve their full potential.

40.2   Issues of job performance or standards of behaviour or conduct should be raised informally in the first instance with a view to reaching an amicable resolution.

40.3   Discussions should be conducted in private.

40.4   Any meeting should include the following:

40.4.1   The nature of the concern;

40.4.2   Clearly articulated expectations or standards;

40.4.3   Support/advice to be provided, where relevant; and

40.4.4   The period over which the employee will be mentored and by whom, where relevant.

40.5   The employee must be given the right to respond to any concerns raised. The objective at this stage is to resolve the matter amicably and swiftly.

40.6   These discussions cannot be relied upon to initiate procedures or used in any proceedings under the Unsatisfactory Performance, Misconduct or Serious Misconduct provisions contained in Schedules C – Unsatisfactory Performance and/or D – Misconduct of this Agreement.

40.7   Serious concerns shall be dealt with in accordance with Schedules C – Unsatisfactory Performance and/or D – Misconduct of this Agreement.

40.8   Nothing in this Clause shall prevent the employer taking action under Schedules C – Unsatisfactory Performance and/or D – Misconduct of this Agreement in respect of unsatisfactory performance or misconduct.

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