Human Resources

Schedule E ? Redundancy For Employees On Fixed Term Contracts

1.   An employee who holds a fixed term appointment and whose employment is terminated by reason of redundancy shall be paid the following severance pay in respect of a continuous period of service:

Period of continuous service Severance pay
1 year or less Nil
1 year and up to completion of 2 years 4 weeks’ pay
2 years and up to completion of 3 years 6 weeks’ pay
3 years and up to completion of 4 years 7 weeks’ pay
4 years and over 8 weeks’ pay

2.   An employee whose employment is terminated by reason of redundancy may terminate her/his employment during the notice period and be entitled to the same benefits and payments under this clause had they remained at the Centre until the expiry of such notice. In this circumstance the employee will not be entitled to payment in lieu of notice.

3.   During the period of notice of termination given by the employer an employee shall be allowed reasonable time off without loss of pay for the purpose of seeking other employment.

4.   This clause shall not apply where employment is terminated as a consequence of conduct that justifies instant dismissal including inefficiency within the first fourteen days, neglect of duty or misconduct, and in the case of casual employees or employees engaged for a specific period of time or for a specific task or tasks.