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Organisational change, redundancy and redeployment

This guide provides a step-by-step breakdown of the UWA Organisational Change process, with advice on how to conduct the planning and implementation at each stage.

Leading Organisational Change at UWA

A Guide for Leaders and Managers


Change and transition that is done well brings positive benefits to us all, including our students, staff, industry partners and our community. It builds our resilience both as individuals and as an organisation.

Change is inevitable so what we think about change and how we face it is very important. It can bring renewal, refreshment and progress. A useful metaphor is that of a caterpillar moving to the stage of a chrysalis and finally transforming into a butterfly. Many of us have also experienced transformative change in our lives. If we look back, we can see that we have all had successful change events which have brought us to a new and better place.

We need to do change well, and manage transformation and transitions to bring us positive outcomes. The aim of this publication is to give you clear guidelines about how change can be successfully achieved at UWA, within our industrial processes and taking into account the very human emotions that accompany change.