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UniSuper website

The UniSuper website covers superannuation plans, investment performance, pension products.

"Member Online" facility:

Members can to view their online account balance

Publications and Forms:

Publications, forms and fact sheets are available to download.

Registering online for UniSuper seminars

UniSuper runs free seminars on investments, retirement planning, and products and services.

  1. General information
  2. Find out more
  3. Superannuation plans
  4. Eligibility rules for the superannuation plans
  5. Contribution rate
  6. Contribution caps
  7. New appointment – superannuation
  8. Salary and allowances – superannuation
  9. Contributions – unpaid leave (leave without pay/parental/sick LWOP)
  10. Voluntary contributions
  11. Salary packaging contributions
  12. Roll-over (transfer) of superannuation benefits to UniSuper
  13. Member transferring to another university
  14. Resigning/retiring staff – claiming superannuation benefits
  15. Superannuation contact details

For General information

The superannuation arrangements for the University require staff to be members of the UniSuper plans. These plans are administered by UniSuper Management Limited in conjunction with the University's Employee Benefits (Superannuation) Team – Human Resources.

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Find out more

On-Campus Consultant Victoria Smart - every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

UWA is pleased to announce that UniSuper has now a consultant on campus to help employees with information about their superannuation. UniSuper on-campus consultant will be able to:

  • help answer general questions about UniSuper forms or paperwork
  • provide information about your UniSuper membership
  • emplain how to set up access to your UniSuper account online
  • help you understand super contributions and caps
  • give general information about UniSuper's products and services
  • explain various topics, such as hwo you can make additional voluntary contribtuions, salary sacrifice contributions or combine your different super accounts

Victoria is available at UWA every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. To make an appointment, simply use UniSuper online booking system.


New and current employees are encouraged to seek advice relating to their own personal circumstances. Stephen Brereton is UniSuper Adivsers visiting UWA campus for individual appointments from 9am to 5pm.

Dates available on campus for 2016:

  • Tuesday 17 May
  • Tuesday 24 May
  • Tuesday 31 May
  • Tuesday 7 June
  • Wednesday 14 June
  • Tuesday 12 July
  • Tuesday 9 August
  • Tuesday 13 September
  • Tuesday 11 October
  • Tuesday 8 November

To book an appointment please contact 1300 331 685 or email


New and current employees are encouraged to attend superannuation seminars on campus to find out more about their options and have a better understanding of how their superannation works. Seminars are free and run for around an hour.

Upcoming seminars for 2016 are:

  • Thursday 19 May - Retirement Ready
  • Thursday 16 June - Income Options in Retirement for pre-1998 DBD Members
  • Wednesday 3 August - UniSuper101 - An Introduction (12:30pm Bayliss Lecture Theatre - room G33)
  • Tuesday 30 August - Income Options in Retirement (12:30pm Gentilli Lecture Theatre - room GGGL 131)
  • Thursday 22 September - Retirement Planning for Women (12:30pm Austin Lecture Theatre - room Arts 159)
  • Thursday 20 October - Transition to Retirement (12:30pm Austin Lecture Theatre - room Arts 159)
  • Wednesday 30 November - Retirement Ready (12:30pm Gentilli Lecture Theatre - room GGGL G21)

To register, please visit


If you can’t attend seminars, UniSuper offers a range of webinars to learn more about super, caps, investment, pensions, insurance and more from the convenience of your own computer.

To register, please visit

A confirmation email will be sent to you once you have registered and the slides will be made available to you after the webinar has concluded.

For any further information, please visit Unisuper website or contact the information line on 1800 331 685

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Superannuation plans

  • Defined benefit division – defined benefit and accumulation
  • Accumulation 2
  • Accumulation 1

In the Defined Benefit Plan benefits are formula-based with contributions invested as a single portfolio and used as required to pay benefits.

For the Accumulation Plans most benefits are based on the balance in the member's account, which is made up of contributions (less expenses and tax) plus interest.

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Eligibility rules for the superannuation plans

  • Staff on appointments deemed to be "Tenurable/Tenured/On-going/Fixed 2 years or more" the staff member is required to join the Defined Benefit Division – Defined Benefit and Accumulation / Accumulation 2 – refer notes.
  • Staff on appointments deemed to be "Fixed less than 2 years" are enrolled in the Accumulation 1.
  • For Casual Staff appointments staff members are enrolled in Accumulation 1 in cases where the member qualifies for Employer contributions under the Governments Superannuation Guarantee (SG) regulations.

Note: For new members Defined Benefit Division is applied in the first instance. A member has 24 months to decide whether they wish to stay in the Defined Benefit Division or to transfer their existing defined benefit to Accumulation Super. After UniSuper have processed the new member application they issue to the member information on the plans including a Membership Options form for completion by the member.

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Contribution rates

Staff on "Tenurable/Tenured/On-going/Fixed 2 years or more" appointments receive:

  • 7% of salary by the member
  • 14% of salary by the University, and
  • 3% of salary by the University

Variation to contributions

Reducing member contribution amounts

University staff members may choose to pay their contributions at a lower level than the standard 7 per cent of salary. Further details can be found in the Contribution Flexibility Fact Sheet on the UniSuper website.

Election to forego 3 per cent Award contribution in lieu of equivalent salary loading

Staff may elect to forego the 3 per cent employer (Award) superannuation contribution to the Accumulation Plans and receive a 3 per cent non-superannuable salary loading in lieu. However, as stated in the UniSuper Consolidated Trust Deed, this is only possible if one of the following employee contribution rates is maintained.

Before tax contribution level After tax contribution level
8.25% 7.0%
7.70% 6.55%
6.55% 5.55%
5.35% 4.55%
4.20% 3.55%
3.0% 2.55%

Further information is in the Product Disclosure Statement for Defined Benefit Division and Accumulation 2 Members and in the UniSuper Contribution Flexibility Fact Sheet [PDF, 159KB] for members receiving 14% Employer contributions.

Half contribution memberships

In accordance with clause 32.4 of the UniSuper Consolidated Trust Deed, Professional / General Staff on salary classifications Level 1 to Level 4 have the option to apply for half-contribution membership – member contribution at 3.5% of salary (in lieu of 7% of salary). In this case the University will contribute 7% of salary and 3% of salary (in lieu of 14% % 3%). Information and application form can be obtained from HR website at HR Forms section.

Deferred salary scheme

Staff members who access Deferred Salary Scheme are able to elect to maintain superannuation contributions based on the full-time rate. Staff members are responsible for making the necessary arrangements for paying the difference between the employee’s proportional contribution and the employer’s contribution based on the full-time rate.

Staff on "Fixed" appointments (less than 2 years):

  • 9.5% of salary by the university to the Accumulation 1

Casual Staff appointments and the staff member qualify under the Governments Superannuation Guarantee Contribution (SGC) regulations:

  • 9.5% of salary by the university to the Accumulation 1

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Contribution caps

2015/2016 financial year

Superannuation contributions caps refer to any concessional contributions made to your superannuation fund (combined if you have several employers and several funds).

Concessional contributions are:
1. employer contributions (shown as "Subsidy" on your current payslip and "Employer Super" on historical payslips)
2. employee before tax contributions (shown as "Pre-tax super" on payslips).

Any after tax contributions are not accounted towards the superannuation caps.

Important: For Defined Benefit Division members, a Notational Tax Contributions apply to the Defined Benefit contributions. You can Login to the UniSuper Member Online (or contact UniSuper) to obtain your Notational Tax Contributions details.

The caps for 2015/2016 financial year are:

Under age 50 
$30,000.00 pa for concessional contributions
$180,000.00 pa (or $540,000.00 over 3 years and under age 65) for non-concessional contributions

Age 50 and over 
$35,000.00 pa for concessional contributions
$180,000.00 pa (or $540,000.00 over 3 years and under age 65) for non-concessional contributions

How to estimate the concessional contributions for the financial year

Employees can view their pay details - including superannuation contributions - through the Employee Self Service (ESS) online.
To obtain details of Superannuation contributions go to:

  • "Payroll Details" then
  • "Historical Payslips"
  • Year to Date (first line)

To estimate - at any time - the amount of concessional contributions for 2015/2016 financial year , refer to the historical payslips and add the following figures:

  • Super figures for pay "period end 29 June 2014" (A) = Employee Pre-tax Super (*) + Employer Super (**)
  • Year to Date Super figures (B) = Pre-tax Super (*) + Employer Super (**)
  • Fortnight Super figures for future Pay Periods (C) = fortnight Employee Pre-tax Super (*) + Employer Super (**) up to and including pay period ending 14 June 2015 (C)

(*) Employee Pre-tax Super is comprised of salary packaged super plus voluntary extra contribution = column 6
(**) Employer Super is comprised of UWA contributions = column 11

The Year to Date contributions represent the current tax year up to and including the last pay period.

Super figures for the current pay period can be used to estimate the additional contributions* for future pay periods. (*Changes to UWA salary rates will affect the level of Superannuation contributions paid on future pay periods)

Estimated contributions for cap purposes are = (A) + (B) + (C)

There are 26 pays in relation to contributions paid to UniSuper for 2015/2016 financial year:

  • first pay period = period ended 28 June 2015 (contributions for that pay period are received by UniSuper in July)
  • the last pay period = period ending 12 June 2016 (last contributions received by UniSuper in June)

Employee are encouraged to seek independant financial advice and review their superannuation packaging arrangements on a regular basis and . The last pay relating to 2015/2016 financial year will close on Wednesday 2 June 2016. 

For your reference UniSuper has a "Financial Advice Service". Should you require advice on this matter you may wish to contact UniSuper Advice Service, their number is 1300 331 685.

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New appointments – superannuation

The University of Western Australia is required under the University Enterprise Agreement (refer to your relevant Agreement above) to make superannuation contributions for all staff to UniSuper. UniSuper is the industry super fund dedication to employees working in the higher eduction and research sector.

New employees are required to make an application to join a superannuation plan with UniSuper from their first day of work. Please refer to your contract of employment to find out which superannuation plan is available to you and which plan the University will contribute to.

To obtain a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement and UniSuper application form, please visit UniSuper website. The form is located at the end of the product disclosure statement. The form needs to be submitted to HR Employee Benefits section by mail (internal mailbag M350).

After a new member record is established on the UniSuper system the UniSuper Melbourne office issues to the member details of their membership and related information on the superannuation plans.

If you are an existing Member of UniSuper at the time your employment commences, please advise the University of Western Australia Human Resource of your existing UniSuper membership number.

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Salary and allowances – superannuation

Superannuation contributions and entitlements for the UniSuper Plans are calculated on the member’s basic salary level (award salary rate) and permanent/on-going allowances (if applicable).

Temporary allowances are not included as salary for superannuation purposes. UniSuper Trust Deed definition of "temporary allowance" being:

  1. Any allowance paid or payable by or on behalf of the employer to the member for a period of less than five years; and
  2. Any allowance paid or payable by or on behalf of the employer in connection with an agreement to terminate the employment of the member at a particular time.

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Contributions – unpaid leave (leave without pay / parental / LWOP / sick LWOP)

Contributions to the Superannuation Plans are not normally paid during any periods of unpaid leave.

Although contributions are not paid while the member is on unpaid leave membership to the Plans is maintained.

Should the member wish to pay contributions while on unpaid leave the contributions must be paid direct to UniSuper by the member.

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Voluntary contributions

A member can make "Voluntary contributions" either via payroll deduction or a lump sum payment (direct to UniSuper).

"Voluntary contributions" cannot be paid to the UniSuper Defined Benefit Plan.

Regular voluntary contributions via payroll deduction:

  • The member is required to complete the "Regular Voluntary Contributions Election Form" and forward it to "Employee Benefits (Superannuation) – Human Resources M350".
  • The deduction will commence on the next available pay period.

Lump sum contributions can be made:

  • via BPAY
  • via cheque payable to UniSuper Limited with the accompanying form.

For information on BPAY refer to the UniSuper website

Forms and the booklet "Building bigger benefits – Your guide to making more of your super" can be obtained from the UniSuper website or contact the Employee Benefits (Superannuation) – Human Resources.

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Salary packaging contributions

Members can elect to salary package their 7% of salary member contributions required to be paid under their UniSuper plan membership.

Also a member can package additional voluntary contributions. The contributions are paid to the member’s UniSuper accumulation plan.

Information on the University’s salary packaging arrangements can be obtained by emailing

Note: It is employees's responsibility to advise HR of any change in their current arrangements (starting or ending a deduction).

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Roll-over (transfer) of superannuation benefits to UniSuper

Members may roll-over other superannuation benefits to their UniSuper plans (except the Defined Benefit Plan).

The roll-over can be effected either by the member completing the UniSuper "Benefit Transfer Form" (and forwarding the Form to UniSuper) or contacting their former superannuation fund and completing the appropriate forms.

The UniSuper "Benefit Transfer Form" can be obtained from the UniSuper website

Or contact the Employee Benefits (Superannuation) – Human Resources.

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Member transferring to another university

In most cases where a member is transferring to another university, UniSuper membership is transferred, as all Australian universities are part of the UniSuper superannuation plans structure.

Members transferring to another university should notify the Employee Benefits (Superannuation) – Human Resources.

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Resigning/retiring staff – claiming superannuation benefits

Under Government regulations, in most cases superannuation benefits must be preserved in an Australian complying superannuation/rollover fund until retirement age.

At the time a member leaves their job the HR Services Team includes a copy of the UniSuper booklet "Leaving your job – A guide to your super options when you leave your job" with the University’s letter confirming the member’s resignation/retirement notice. The booklet provides an overview of the options available to the member in relation to their superannuation benefits in the UniSuper plans.

As superannuation membership changes on resignation/retirement the Employee Benefits (Superannuation) – Human Resources team notifies UniSuper that the member has ceased UWA employment (and where applicable confirm salary data and contribution data).

For retiring staff members the UniSuper (Melbourne) office will provide the member with details of benefits, benefit options and other related documents at the earliest possible date after retirement. The documents include a payment instructions advice for completion by the member. On receipt of the member’s payment instructions advice UniSuper will process the payment of benefits accordingly.

For resigning staff members the UniSuper (Melbourne) office will contact the member in due course to ascertain the member’s preferred option in relation to their superannuation benefits – retain benefits with UniSuper, transfer benefits to another superannuation fund are some of the options available.

As correspondence from UniSuper to members is sent to the member’s home/postal address any change of address should be notified, either direct to UniSuper or via Employee Benefits (Superannuation) – Human Resources.

The UniSuper website section "When I Change Jobs" provides detailed information when changing jobs.

Temporary residents departing Australia need to refer to the Australian Taxation Office.

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Superannuation contact details


Level 37 385 Bourke Street Melbourne Vic 3000
(+61 3) 9691 4100
(+61 3) 9691 4141
Member helpline
1800 331 685

Employee benefits (superannuation) – HR systems and employee benefits

Benefits officer
Jacqueline Tay
(+61 8) 6488 7958
Benefits officer
Melinda Fisher
(+61 8) 6488 7472

UniSuper Consultative Committee Representatives

Academic Staff Representative
Stuart Bunt

Professional and General Staff Representative
Celine Gaudin  


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