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University Policy on Travel Payments

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Human Resources
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Human Resources - Central Unit
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18/10/2010 Revised 17/01/2014
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Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor And Registrar

The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Travel Payments

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy defines the calculation and basis for payment of travel related expenditure for academic employees (Per Diem) and professional employees (Travel Allowance) through the payroll system. Travel related expenditure may include accommodation, meals and/or incidental expenses while on University business.


"Approved Delegate" means a position granted authority to act on behalf of the Vice Chancellor with varied levels of authority in line with the University's Delegations and Financial Delegations and Authority.

"Employee" means a person employed by the University.

"Per Diem" is an upfront travel payment paid through the Payroll System which is a definite, pre-determined amount to cover the estimated reasonable travel costs of Academic employees not to exceed the maximum rates prescribed by the current Australian Taxation Ruling.

"Professional employee" means a person employed by the University under the terms of the Professional and General Staff Agreement.

"Travel Allowance" is a reimbursement of expenses incurred by Professional staff of the University when traveling on University business.

"University" means The University of Western Australia.

"University business" means an employee travelling intrastate, interstate or overseas on official business, or as an official representative of the University in the course of undertaking their normal duties. In such instances, the employee is considered to be temporarily on duty at a place other than the University and does not include travel for study purposes.

Policy statement:

Employees are not to be out-of-pocket for actual reasonable expenses incurred when travelling on University business. This policy is to be read in conjunction with the University's Travel Policy.

1 UWA Corporate Credit Card

1.1 Employees who travel with a UWA Corporate Credit Card should pay any accommodation and meal expenses with their UWA Corporate Credit Card and not claim a Per Diem or Travel Allowance to cover these expenses. These employees may claim a Per Diem/Travel Allowance of up to $20 per day for incidental expenses actually incurred. Documentation is to be retained as details of expenditure items may be requested at a later date.

This amount is not to be claimed in addition to the payment for incidentals detailed in clause 3.1 below.

1.2 If an employee has received an advance payment such as a Per Diem, any portion of accommodation, meals or incidentals paid with a Corporate Credit Card are to be repaid to the University as soon as possible.

2 Calculation of Travel Payments

Payments at the maximum of the rates are not an entitlement and are not to be the expectation of employees. Travellers and Travel Arrangers are required to arrange and manage air travel and where possible, all other forms of travel through the Travel Requisitioning System for approval. Airfares, accommodation and car hire are to be booked through the University's preferred travel agents who will invoice the University's Business Units directly - For information on UWA Travel Policy and travel bookings and approval - Refer to Financial Services.

2.1 International Travel - All Employees

Employees will be paid a Per Diem/Travel Allowance up to the maximum rates for meals and incidentals provided on the Australian Taxation Office website. Airfares and accommodation are to be arranged through the University's preferred travel agents (Neither is to be paid through Per Diem).

2.2 Domestic Travel - Academic Employees

Payment of a Per Diem is calculated on a daily basis and is not to exceed the maximum rates for accommodation, meals and incidentals provided on the Australian Taxation Office website.

2.3 Domestic Travel - Professional Employees

Reimbursement of reasonable expenses is calculated on a daily basis, reconciled on completion of travel and is not to exceed the rates detailed in the table of reasonable travel expenses. These rates reflect the rates within the Professional and General Staff Agreement, updated July each year.

3 Advance Payments

3.1 In some circumstances, where employees do not have a UWA Corporate Credit Card and will suffer disadvantage if claiming travel allowance by reimbursement, an up-front payment may be made through the payroll system as a Per Diem/Travel Allowance. The Per Diem form is used for this purpose.

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