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University Policy on Advertising

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Human Resources
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11/01/2010 Revised 19/05/2015
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Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor And Registrar

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The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Advertising

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy defines the requirements for internal and external advertising to recruit Academic, Professional and General staff positions together with funding provisions for advertisements. The policy also outlines the importance of diversity in appointments within the University.


"Advertising" means promotion of employment opportunities in printed (i.e. newspaper, magazines, journals) or electronic media (i.e. online, television, radio) and includes advertisements sent directly to prospective customers via email or social networking sites.

"Competitive selection process" means the determination of relative merit against selection criteria ensuring the best possible choice of applicant to fill a vacant position. Calls for 'expressions of interest' do not constitute a competitive selection process.

"Direct appointment" means a position that is not advertised and falls within the University's policy to appoint without advertisement for a period of 2 years.

"Employee" means a person employed by the University who has an ongoing or fixed-term contract under the terms of the following Agreements (as amended or replaced from time to time): Academic Staff Agreement and Professional and General Staff Agreement, Childcare Agreement and ELICOS Agreement.

"Operating grant funded positions" means Funds 10 and 11 under the University Budget (funds received from DEST and Full Fee Funds).

"Search Plan" means demonstrable evidence of a competitive search process by way of advertisements, internet listings and/or employment and recruitment agencies.

"University" means The University of Western Australia.

Policy statement:

See Recruitment Process map.

For specific information and assistance in preparation and placement of advertisements, including Executive roles, contact the HR Officer (Advertising).

Positions requiring a National Police Clearance Certificate or Working With Children Check, must specify this in the Position Description (Selection Criteria) and in the advertisement.

1 When to Advertise

1.1 Any vacant position to be filled for more than two years must be advertised except in the circumstances outlined in Clause 5 - Exceptions to Advertising.

1.2 The requirement to advertise vacant positions can be satisfied by:

  • advertising externally; and/or
  • advertising internally - open only to current staff of the University (including casual staff).

1.3 Advertising is not required for Direct Appointments up to 2 years.

2 Closing Dates

2.1 Academic Staff

Closing dates for the submission of applications for academic appointments are usually up to four weeks after publication of the last advertisement. Specialist journals with infrequent editions or long lead times before publication may influence the closing date.

2.2 Professional and General Staff

Closing dates for the submission of applications for professional and general staff appointments are usually up to four weeks after publication of the last advertisement.

3 Advertising Overseas

Advertisements in overseas publications will be on recommendation from the Head of School or equivalent and approval by the Dean.

4 Search Plans

For all academic appointments of three or more years (i.e. tenurable appointments), the Head of School or equivalent should prepare a Search Plan at the time of drafting the advertisement. Implementing a search plan broadens the field of well qualified applicants and identifies potential applicants from diverse groups.

4.1 The Search Plan goes beyond the normal advertising process and should be submitted with the Online Requisition (through eRecruitment) and the Selection Criteria to the Dean for approval. Diversity within the University should be reflected in any documentation for advertising a position by recruiting work areas (see Clause 6 - Diversity below).

4.2 Targeting Industry

Where appropriate, details should be forwarded to relevant external journals and publications.

In addition, Heads of School or equivalent in the area in which the vacancy exists are encouraged to informally pass on details of the position to colleagues locally, nationally and overseas.

5 Exceptions to Advertising

There are limited exceptions for the requirement to advertise:

5.1 Fixed-Term Appointments

Where possible all Academic and Professional and General staff appointments at the University should be appointed through advertisement. In certain circumstances, however, staff can be appointed for up to two years without advertisement. This includes extensions to an initial appointment of a lesser period up to two years.

At the end of two years, the employee who has been appointed without advertisement may not be able to continue working at the University until they have gone through a competitive selection process. Exceptions to this may apply if a comprehensive business case is presented and approved. See Application for Exemption to Advertise Form.

Where possible, all Academic Research positions should be advertised, however, the University recognises that it is not always appropriate to advertise in the case of ARC or NHMRC named appointments. Schools can make a case to Deans to waive the requirement to advertise if it is reasonably certain that the applicant is the best suited person for the position.

5.2 Fast Track Appointments (Professional and General staff only)

Fast Track Appointments to fill vacancies up to and including Level 9, can be made in circumstances where there is only one obvious candidate and/or involves positions of specialisation. Employees nominated for Fast Track must have been, at the time they first commenced at the University, appointed as a result of a competitive selection process and have satisfactorily completed the required probationary period.

5.3 Expressions of Interest (EOI)

Expressions of Interest can be sought as a means to fill short term vacancies. An appointment filled through an EOI does not qualify as being part of the University's competitive selection process. The decision to use an EOI to fill a vacancy is to be considered carefully and agreed to before sending the request to Recruitment (Human Resources) for placement on the Jobs at UWA website.

The decision to seek to fill a vacancy via an expression of interest is to be agreed to by the same delegated authority who will be approving the Recommendation to Offer New Employment contract as part of the appointment process.

EOI vacancies are displayed on the Jobs at UWA website. EOI applications are open to internal and external applicants unless otherwise specified.

6 Diversity

A strategic priority of the University is to recruit, develop and retain the highest quality staff. To achieve this, vacancies will, wherever possible, be filled from a diverse field of applicants.

Considerations to be addressed are:

  • Senior Academic and Professional positions within the University are predominantly occupied by men. It is therefore recommended that the search for suitable female applicants should be active and extend beyond merely relying on traditional methods of advertising.
  • The majority of Professional positions are held by women and it is recommended that this gender imbalance be considered when advertising for those positions.
  • Of equal importance is the gender and cultural diversity of the student cohort and this diversity should be kept in mind, particularly when recruiting staff who will work directly with students or on the development of programs and services intended to meet their needs.

7 Funding of Advertising

Print media (i.e. newspaper) use will be more selective and generally only apply to Chair, Dean and Executive appointments.

7.1 Academic Staff

7.1.1 Funding is available for external advertising of centrally funded positions.

7.1.2 All additional advertising, including those centrally funded, will be charged to the school or faculty accounts which must be nominated on the Online Requisition in eRecruitment.

7.1.3 Recoverable accounts are not applied to advertising. Clinical Academic and other hospital funded appointment advertisements, will be charged in full to the school or faculty accounts. Accounts chargeable must be nominated on the Online Requisition in eRecruitment, together with the Funding Arrangements for Clinical Academic Position Form. Salary recovery from the hospital is to be coordinated at the School level.

8 Electronic Advertising

Recruitment (Human Resources) currently have contracts with SEEK, UniJobs and the Conversation (Academic positions only). All externally advertised positions are placed on their websites at no additional cost to the School.

All other advertisements (including for research appointments, appointments funded by external means or those funded from Fund 63) will be charged to the respective Business Unit and Project Grant. These details must be provided on the Online Requisition Form.


Raise an Online Requisition (formally Request to Advertise) form through eRecruitment and attach the following:

- Draft Advertisement (refer to the Recruitment Toolkit)

- Position Description

- Search Plan (Academic appointments of 3 years or more)

- Funding Arrangements for Clinical Academic positions (if applicable)

All draft advertisements are to be electronically forwarded to HR Officer (Advertising) and must include a Position Description in Word or Rich Text Format (RTF).

Note: Professional and General Staff only

All vacant positions must have been classified by the Employee Relations Officer (Classifications) and have a TRIM reference number allocated (which is to be quoted in the Online Requisition).

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TRIM File No:


Contact position:

HR Officer (Advertising)

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