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Approval to fill a vacancy

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Advertising to fill a position

There is a strict process to be followed when a vacancy arises in both academic and professional and general staff areas.

Vacancy reasons

A vacancy may arise through:

  • newly created positions
  • staff attrition (for example, resignation or retirement)
  • leaves of absences/short-term needs
  • staff restructuring
  • research projects

A request to fill a vacancy requires the identification or confirmation of a set of position descriptions and the relevant selection criteria (refer selection criteria for general staff or position guidelines for academic staff.

General staff: Preparation of an accurate statement of duties and responsibilities for the position to be filled, and relevant selection criteria, are the responsibility of the school and must be authorised by the Head.

Human Resources will classify the position according to the University of Western Australia General Staff Agreement. If the vacancy is to be formally advertised schools should allow a minimum of two weeks for the classification process prior to submitting a request for advertisement.

Academic staff: Position guidelines for teaching and research academic staff and research staff are contained in the University of Western Australia Academic Staff Agreement.


In most cases the Dean's approval is required to fill a vacancy. The school's request for approval should include the following information:

  • a draft advertisement
  • the position description or an information statement about the position (academic)
  • a search plan for academic appointments and general staff appointments at a senior level
  • suggestions for membership of the selection committee.

All approvals for advertised and non-advertised vacancies must be sought via eRecruitment.

Exceptions: casuals, honoraries, adjust, visiting appointments and fast track go to HR forms.

Advertising and exceptions to advertising

Full details are provided in the University's official advertising policy.

Selection criteria

Full details are provided in the University's official selection for appointment policy.

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