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UWA aims to attract the highest quality staff in all areas of its operations.

When preparing to recruit, managers and supervisors should develop a strategy to broaden the reach and diversity of a targeted pool of applicants.

Advertising is just one approach to attracting candidates and alternate search methods are to be considered.

There is a strict process to be followed when a vacancy arises in both academic and professional and general staff areas.

  1. Policy
  2. Process maps
  3. Guidelines
  4. Recruitment toolkit


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Process maps

A series of flow charts detailing the step-by-step process in recruiting and appointing.

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Information on what should be included in an application or resume, guidelines for developing a search plan for appointments to Professor (Level E), examples of a search plan and helpful hints on recruiting for academic positions.

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Recruitment toolkit

Documents containing various position descriptions, how to advertise (including sample advertisements), and common classification levels for research grant funded staff.

Position descriptions

Position description - A
Position description template - B
Guide to using position descriptions and standard position descriptions


Advertisement draft

Advertising deadlines

Application for exemption to advertise


Common classification levels for research grant funded Staff

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