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For the purposes of these FAQs

  • Traditional” refers to the original single titles system which was in use before 2009 and aligns with all other Australian universities. .
  • Introduced” titles refers to a new title system introduced in 2009. These titles did not supercede the traditional titles.

FAQs in relation to the process

  1. Do I have to adopt a traditional title?

    The University’s preference is that employees revert to traditional titles. As in 2009, individual academics will reflect on their professional and personal circumstances before electing to reinstate an introduced title. Staff are asked to consider the context and purpose of the University’s decision to (re) establish a single titles system, as explained in the new web page and “FAQs to Executive”.

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  2. Who does this change apply to?

    All staff employed as ” Teaching and Research” or “Research Only”.

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  3. Will there be any effect on Adjunct and Clinical Titles or ARC, NHMRC and Professorial Fellow Titles?

    No. The introduced titles did not apply to these academics in 2009, have remained unchanged since then and therefore will be unaffected by the current changes.

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  4. When is the University intending to change to traditional titles?

    Academic titles returned to traditional titles on 28 January 2015. Alesco, ESS, Socrates and the UWA Directory were included in the update.

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  5. What if I elected to retain an introduced title now, and then at the end of January I find that I have been moved to a traditional title?

    If you find that your title changes contrary to your election, please email to arrange reinstatement of your introduced title.

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  6. What will happen if I elected to opt out of the traditional titles ahead of the initial change in January 2015, and subsequently have a fixed term contract renewal, promotion and/or confirmation of tenure in the future?

    All of these will default to the traditional titles whenever they occur in the future. You will need to notify HR at that time if you elect to opt out of the traditional titles.

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  7. Will the change to a traditional title have any effect on my appointment?

    Your appointment will remain unchanged. All existing conditions of employment will remain the same and only involves a change to nomenclature.

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  8. Who should I contact with any queries or to convey my wish to adopt the traditional title or retain the introduced titles?

    Please email, including your staff number in the request. This email address is currently being checked daily and a response will be provided as soon as possible.

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  9. Is there anything else I have to do apart from notify HR?

    If you advise HR to change your title after 28 January, they will make changes in Alesco which will automatically flow on to ESS and Socrates. The UWA Directory can be updated by submitting a request to Any staff with a profile on the University website should check and update this themselves. Other online or academic profiles, email auto signatures and print stationary etc. should also be updated by the staff member.

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  10. Can I change my mind in the future?

    The University’s preference is to maintain consistency with traditional titles. Since introduction of a second set of titles in 2009, academics have not been “locked” into either traditional or introduced titles and you can notify HR at any time if you wish to change.

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