The following frequently asked questions have been collated to enable you to create and embed a healthy service culture in your area.


What is service culture?
A service culture exists when all staff are motivated to take a client-centric approach in all their work. It also means the University places value on ensuring all staff consistently and continuously deliver the best service to their clients. By working together, we can create a service environment which complements our achievements in teaching, research and community service.
What is continuous improvement?
Continuous improvement is a conscious ongoing effort to improve the services, products or processes an organisation offers. At UWA, continuous improvement is a knowledge-based process to transform our culture, maximise client value and grow the University.
How does continuous improvement help deliver superior service delivery?
The main premise of a strong service culture is continuous improvement, which is designed in a cyclical manner to complement a dynamic work environment. Building upon our service levels is an ongoing process whereby we follow a circle of continuous improvement and measurement, beginning on a gradual, unending process of doing small processes better and then setting and achieving ever-higher standards. UWA has adopted DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) as the tool for how we will continuously improve our services. This creates a consistent language and way of doing things and increases predictability in improving, developing and stabilising organisational processes and implementing workable solutions.
Why should I care about service culture at UWA?
Service is more than a smile or a courteous manner. It’s a fundamental attitude and approach to everything we do. We need to listen to the voice of our clients, see our services from their viewpoint and design our systems and processes to meet their expectations. The University is committed to a service-oriented culture which will support excellence in teaching and research and will ensure a high-quality student and employee experience. The concept of service culture was a focus in the Vice-Chancellor’s 2015 paper, Securing Success.
How do I implement it?
Embedding a strong service culture at UWA requires ownership and engagement by staff at all levels. This area offers information and tools to create a consistent high-quality service culture that is adaptable to the needs of our stakeholders. Using these tools helps refine our approach to service delivery and, used consistently, will create and embed an effortless experience for our clients. Continuous improvement only seeks to strengthen both our internal and external ties and our organisation as a whole. Everyone from senior leaders to frontline staff is encouraged to understand why a strong service culture is critical to UWA’s success; be aware of the plans for strengthening performance; and clarify the responsibilities of each person to sustain a culture of continuous improvement and service excellence.
What are some ways I can help UWA provide best practice client service?
Here are some top tips:
  • Use the tools in this area
  • Treat staff with the same courtesy and respect you expect from them
  • Check online to see if the answer to your question is there
  • Contact us early, particularly if your circumstances change
  • Provide complete, honest and accurate information
  • Understand your responsibility to work within UWA policy and external legislative frameworks
  • Allow sufficient time for response to your queries
  • Provide constructive feedback via surveys, email, face to face or online
What is expected of me to be part of service culture?
As a staff member, you are expected to create an effortless experience for clients you work with, students and other staff members. You are also expected to act with honesty and integrity and in accordance with the UWA Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics .
How can I encourage others to create a more positive service culture?
You can encourage colleagues within your team or department and other staff members by acting as a role model and providing constructive feedback. It’s also important to be proactive when you are thinking about delivering service culture to clients and in your efforts for continuous improvement. Another way to help foster service culture in your team is to organise a workshop focused on improving service. HR offers four workshops: Effective Feedback, Introduction to Effortless Client Service, Effortless Client Service and Driving Continuous Improvement.
How can I learn more about improving my service delivery?
Read through the resources available on the Service Culture website. HR also offers four workshops: Effective Feedback, Introduction to Effortless Client Service, Effortless Client Service and Driving Continuous Improvement. If you are unable to attend an open session, contact HR to book a one-on-one session for your area or department.
How do I nominate someone for superior client service?
If you’re interested in providing information on a service culture champion, you can nominate a colleague here .
How do I provide feedback about an unsatisfactory client service experience?
In the first instance, you should raise this directly with the individual. If necessary, raise the issue with their manager.
Where can I go for more help?
Check this page. Alternatively, contact your HR Manager or Organisational Capability in HR, or send an enquiry through the Contact us form below.

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