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he Senior Women's Network (SWN) was established in 1997.

It was set up by the Leadership Development for Women program and is supported by members of the University Executive.

The SWN brings together senior women working at UWA. It aims to foster networking and debate which will raise the profile of women in higher education, address issues of importance to them, and challenge the male-dominated ethos of higher education. 

The network has guest speakers, workshops and events, and occasional meetings with the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor and the Executive Director Finance and Resources. It aims to allow senior women to meet and network with each other, provide them with the opportunity to act as a lobbying and consultative group with senior management, and determine development opportunities for senior women at the University. 

Currently academic women at Associate Professor Level (C) and above, and professional staff women at Levels 9 and above are invited to attend and can register online.

An email list of eligible women is generated from HR records and is updated regularly. Details of events are promoted through this list.

The Senior Women’s Network is convened by the LDW Co-ordinator, with support from the Planning Group.