Human Resources

Academic staff promotion

One of the University’s objectives is to attract, develop and retain high quality staff.

Academic promotion seeks to recognise and reward excellent staff. All academic staff, other than those on casual appointments, are eligible and encouraged to apply for academic promotion.

There are no quotas and all staff meeting the promotion standards can advance. Contributions to teaching, research and service are all highly valued. Staff on fractional or joint appointments, and those whose career paths have been interrupted or delayed due to significant periods of leave for caring responsibilities, illness or other non-work related reasons, will have their applications assessed in terms of what has been achieved given the opportunities available.

The Academic Promotions Committee takes account of an applicant’s total body of work, with a particular focus on the achievements since their last promotion.

The Committee meets monthly (except in January and July) which allows staff to have the flexibility to prepare their applications for promotion and submit them throughout the year. The Committee's Executive Officer is also available to provide advice.

All staff should familiarise themselves with the Academic Staff Promotion Policy which covers all aspects of academic staff promotion, including eligibility, assessment, fast-tracking and review.


The process map for academic promotion at UWA, which you can view as an image map, or in RTF:

Assoc/Prof Doina Orlano from Management and Organisations (UWA Business School) shares some tips to support a successful application.