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Phone: (+61 8) 6488 7896


Employee Self Service allows you to view leave balances, payslips and other payroll information as well as submit leave requests and your Performance Development and Appraisal (PDA & CPDA).

ESS gives members of staff access to selected information on UWA's personnel/payroll system - Login to ESS.

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You do not need to apply for access to the ESS. An account is automatically created for you when you are added to the HR Management system, Alesco.

Username and Password

Your username is your (full 8 digit) staff number.

The ESS uses its own authentication system - it does not synchronise with Pheme. When your account is first created, your password is based on your date of birth using the format ddmmyy (6 digits). When you log in for the first time, you will be required to change your password, which must be between eight and 15 characters and have A-Z characters and at least one numeric character. The passwords are case sensitive.

Set yourself a secret question and answer at the same time so you can retrieve your password if you forget it.

If the ESS is unable to generate a password, or if you have forgotten the answer to your question, contact your HR Employment Team member.

You should ensure that all passwords remain secure and confidential. Passwords must not be shared within work environments.

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The ESS has been designed for broad compatibility with a wide variety of web browsers. The vendors of the ESS software (Talent2 Works) has successfully tested the ESS with the following browsers - IE10.0, IE11.0, Firefox (32.0.3), Safari (7.0), Google Chrome (37.0). The ESS should also work with newer versions of Firefox and Google Chrome.

HR Systems acknowledges the use of other browser software with the University; however, it only supports Internet Explorer and Firefox.

The ESS is best viewed with a desktop resolution of 1366 x 768.

Your browser must be javascript enabled and able to accept cookies. Modifying your browser setting to read directly from the internet rather than from your cache will ensure you get the most current version (Note: clicking on the Refresh/Reload button for your browser will terminate your current session and take you back to the login screen).

Recent browsers have the ability to store field entries. For security reasons we would recommend that this feature be disabled.

If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox, and need additional assistance, please call the HR HelpDesk on ext 7896.

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User and Quick Start Guides

The new version of the ESS (Version 13) has a new look and feel, together with new menu navigation. These guides provide instructions on where to find the most common functions. 

Retrieve forgotten ESS password
Change your ESS password
Submit a leave request
Check current payslip
Print payslip
Add/modify bank account
Add/modify personal contact details
Add/modify qualifications
Team Leaders/Approvers
View Team List
Approve Leave