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Human Resources has forms to cover most personnel matters at UWA.

Forms marked A are relevant to academic staff. Forms marked G are relevant to general staff.

  1. Appointing and renewing staff
  2. Casual staff
  3. Consultants
  4. Leave
  5. Miscellaneous
  6. Sabbatical
  7. Salary, allowances and deductions (payroll)
  8. Superannuation and salary package (employee benefits)
  9. Academic promotion

Appointing and renewing staff

For non-paid University Staff needing access to facilities within the Uni-versity ? specifically IT related systems access.AG
To be completed prior to appointment for jointly funded hospital and UWA positions and in conjunction with the Request to Advertise form.A 
To be completed prior to appointment.A 
Word document template for the position description. G
Advise HR of the re-quest to ini-tiate an Honorary appointment for a new or exist-ing employee.  
Advise HR of re-quest to initiate Visiting appoint-ment.  
When negotiating conversion from a casual appointment to fixed-term or ongoing. G
Notify HR Services of FTE (roster) changes for staff.AG
Notify HR Services of internal staff transfers. G
Academic staff should read the information contained in the Guidelines for the Use of an Academic Portfolio prior to completing the required information and forwarding to the Head of School. All information to be assessed must be provided by the academic staff member under review.A 
This form is a stipend contract for SERN and ICARDA students only.  
This form is a stipend contract for AusAid Students only.  
Pre-retirement contract.  
Fast Track Nomination.  

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Casual staff

Advise HR of the re-quest to init-iate a casual con-tract for a new or exist-ing casual employee. G
Instruction to appoint-ment a Casual Academic per-forming a teach-ing function.A 
Advise HR of the re-quest to init-iate a casual con-tract for a new or exist-ing ELICOS casual employee.AG

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Consultative activity report the Vice Chancellor  
Consultative activity annual report  
Consultative application  
Consultative dislcaimer letter  

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For staff with ESS approval access who wish to delegate leave and qualifications approval to another officer. It is also used to apply for full departmental ESS access which allows the applicant to access staff details, PDR an d the like, for the nominated entity (for example, faculty, school).AG
Open this PDF form, fill it out and forward to the relevant delegated supervisor for approval prior to forwarding to HR Services for processing.AG
If you were employed by an Australian public higher education institution, Commonwealth Government Department or Western Australian Government Department you are entitled to recognition of this service for long service leave and sick leave purposes.AG
This form is for applications for time off for study purposes, as per the Further Education Policy. G
This form allows eligible employees to apply to receive a 25% discount to study full-fee courses at the University.AG
For all staff proceeding on parental leave, including partner leave. Note the requirements of the employee declaration on page 3 of the form.AG
Partner leave.AG
For employees seeking review of a decision to refuse a request for flexible work or leave arrangements.AG
This form enables UWA employees and their supervisors to effectively plan and manage leave balances.AG
For employees seeking to purchase leave in addition to the standard 4 weeks? annual leave.AG
Purchased Leave (Childcare Only).  

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Form to help business units analyse their HR functions internally.  
Before you can have access to Alesco, you will require Central Admin Network Access - through IS. If you don't have an account, go to
Allow at least 3 days (from receipt) to process your application.
Home-based Work Application form needs to be completed and authorised to formalise a working arrangement between the University and the employee. This does not include one-off, ad-hoc or irregular University work at home.  
All Professional Staff Development Grants applications must now be submitted through the online process effective from Monday 6 July 2015. The Endorsement by Supervisor and Approved Delegate form is to be completed and uploaded as part of the online application process. Information on the Professional Staff Development grants is available at  

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Complete Section 1 and for-ward with three copies of your sabbatical report to the Head of School.A 
This form replaces the Application Part 2 for Sabbatical Applications for 2016A 
This form replaces the Notice of Intent and Application part 1 for Sabbatical Applications for 2016.A 

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Salary, allowances and deductions (payroll)

Ad-vise HR of acc-ount (BU, Acc-ount or PG) changes to staff salary.AG
For part-time empl-oyees only. Full-time empl-oyees should complete an Overtime/Time off In Lieu (TOIL) form. G
Forward completed form to Human Res-ources, M350 for pay-ment. Park-ing fees should be reimb-ursed through School/Admin depart-ment?s petty cash.AG
For discretionary allowance and bonus payment applications. Forward completed form to HR Services - Employment.AG
Forward completed form to Human Res-ources for payment.AG
Payments for examinations to International English Language Testing System.  
Forward completed form to Human Resources for payment. G
Forward completed form to Human Resources for payment.AG
The Uni-versity may require an emp-loyee to work reasonable overtime at over-time rates.AG
Forward completed form to Human Resources for payment.AG
Notify HR of changes to your Bank details. Forward completed form to Human Resources for payment.AG
An application may be submitted on the grounds of excellent performance and/or additional duties. G
Submit this form to remove systems access of a departing employee. G
Download the form and fill out the details re-lated to the work per-formed by the casual staff member. G
Parking deduction author-isation ? only for those car pooling.AG
Parking deduction author-isation form.AG
Work Place Giving (Development and Alumni Relations) Payroll Authority  

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Superannuation and salary package (employee benefits)

Employee Benefits forms are to be completed and returned to HR M350 (attention Employee Benefits Officer) and will be processed with the first available pay.

Election to cash in the 3% award contribution.AG
Salary Packaging Agreement to complete prior starting any salary packaging at UWA.AG
Authorise the Sal-ary Pack-aging of a brief-case, mob-ile phone or a tool of the trade (cond-itions apply).AG
Authorise the Salary Pack-aging of child- care, incl-uding after-school care, vac-ation care and Uni-Sport for Kids (cond-itions apply).AG
Author-ise the Salary Pack-aging of a lap-top, port-able printer, PDA or electronic diary (conditions apply).AG
Authorise the Salary Pack-aging of your both your employee contribution and/or voluntary contribution (conditions apply).AG
To commence, change or cancel regular voluntary contribution.AG
Identify expenditure on a salary packagible item you wished to be reimbursed for and therefore have the cost deducted as a Salary Packaging item.AG
Statutory Decl-aration for use with Salary Packaged items.AG
Claim self-education expenses as salary packaging items.AG
Claim union deducations as salary packaging items.AG
Claim professional expenses as salary packaging items.AG
Salary package Corporate Fitness and Health and Fitness Centre membership at the UWA Sports and Recreation Association Inc.AG
Salary package financial advice and income protection.AG

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Academic promotion

Applications for Academic Promotion are now submitted online ? Application Cover Page template.

Application for academic promotion - comments by Head of School and Dean.A 
Application for academic promotion - nomination of assessors Head of School.A 

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