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The checklists below have been designed to assist new staff members settling in their new role, meeting compliance requirements, and enrolling to relevant orientations and inductions.

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For contracts issued electronically via eRecruitment, new staff and their supervisor or induction coordinator are prompted to complete these checklists in the system.

Induction coordinator's checklist


Your role as the induction coordinator

Your role, as the induction coordinator, is to ensure that all tasks in this checklist are distributed to the relevant staff members and completed in a timely manner. By making the new staff member feel welcome and by providing them with appropriate support, you will:

  • Affirm the employee's choice to work at UWA
  • Set the tone for engagement and high performance.
  • Reduce the time it takes to 'hit the ground running'

Your responsibility is to provide:

  • A warm welcome
  • A neat and equipped workspace
  • Expectations of compliance with policies and procedures
  • Regular meeting times
  • A schedule of activities
  • Opportunities to meet the team and others in the school, division and wider university
Prepare workstation / office
Ensure that the workstation is fully equipped and set up, including:
  • Computer
  • Stationary
  • Telephone
  • Printers set up
  • Check installation of any appropriate software which are position specific
  • Bins (recycling and rubbish)
  • Door sign (if relevant)
  • Mobile phone (if relevant)
Make contact with new starter

Email the new staff member confirmation of:

  • Start date
  • Start time
  • Campus / building
  • Who to report to
  • Where to park
Notify team / administrative staff

Advise relevant staff (team, administrative staff, area) of the new staff member's name, role and commencement date.

Prepare job specific induction / first week's activities

Prepare a job specific induction. Depending on the position, this program may include:

  • Recommended reading
  • Training sessions
  • Meetings with other team members
  • Key reference manuals
  • Activities related to learning about the work area and role
Organise peer support's checklist to be completed

Provide the checklist below to the designated peer support and ensure that all items are completed in a timely manner.

The checklist below is important

If peer support is not organised, the induction coordinator is responsible for completing this checklist.

Peer support

The peer support is someone who will act as a single point of contact and one-on-one assistance for the new employee during the first few weeks of employment. The peer support should be a good communicator and have a positive outlook on his/ her work to build confidence and loyalty in the new employee.

Peer support checklist
On the first day
  • Introduction to other staff outside immediate work area
  • Tour of business area, pointing out facilities such as toilets and the lunch / tea room
  • Provide a staff list for the work area
In the first week

Safety and health:

Demonstrate relevant websites such as:
  • UWA Contact directory
  • Policies and Procedures site
  • Committees site
  • UWA strategic plans
  • Any website relevant to the work area or position

Discuss any relevant office procedure:

Practical information:

In the first month
  • Check in with the staff member informally on a regular basis.
  • Be available to answer any questions or give advice on where to find the answers.

Day 1

Confirm commencement of payroll to HR

Email Human Resources to confirm that the new staff member has started and that payroll can commence. This information is essential to ensure that the new staff member gets their first pay on time. Please note: A confirmation email to the relevant HR Officer is sufficient, no form is required.

Outlook / Entourage set up

The local IT support team should configure any email clients (Outlook/Entourage) or mobile devices that the staff member will be using. Most Local IT teams appreciate advance warning of these requirements.

The faculty/school/business area is responsible for adding the new staff member to appropriate distribution lists, and giving them relevant access to role-based or resource accounts.

Advise Directory

Advise Directory of new staff member's commencement by emailing the information below to

  • Title
  • First and last name
  • Position
  • School / centre / directorate
  • Phone number
  • Fax number
  • Mailbag number
  • Email address
Issue any appropriate key

Issue any appropriate key and discuss after hour access.

Local induction process
  • Provide the new starter with any induction document specific to your school / division.
  • Complete any local checklist.
  • All new staff are required to complete the UWA Online Health and Safety Induction and a workplace specific induction. The supervisor is responsible for:
    • Requesting the completion certificate of the online induction
    • Performing a site specific induction. Please click here for more information.
Systems access

Attend to specialist systems that require authorisation form to be completed:

Please note that access to the systems below is granted automatically with Pheme and does not require a form to be complete:

  • Employee Self Service
  • Learning Management System
  • Trobexis
  • eRecruitment
  • Community of Science database (COS)
  • InfoEd - Any UWA member can create their own using email address

Week 1

Set up regular meetings

Arranging regular meetings during the first month will ensure you can answer any questions the staff member may have and provide some general feedback. Also, frequent informal meetings, such as morning tea, will maintain the social connection after the high contact in the initial week.

First week discussion checklist

Discuss the following items with the new staff member during the first week:

Overview of area and position
  • Present overview of the area including key staff members and teams
  • Present the area and work group, their functions, structure and interaction of positions within the work group
  • Explain the priorities, strategic plan, meetings and committees, latest annual report, current issues
  • Discuss responsibilities, duties and expectations. (For academics, discuss area policies relating to Teaching and Learning and Research)
  • Make an appointment with area Manager or equivalent position.
Performance management
  • Discuss the role
  • Expectations of staff member by supervisor
  • Expectations of supervisor by staff member
  • Review process
  • Probation procedure
  • Provide information on the University's Orientation Program and other professional development courses offered at UWA
Practical information
  • Discuss hours of work and leave
  • Discuss secretarial/administrative support available to the new staff

Month 1

First month checklist
  • Update the website if relevant
  • Discuss relevant policies and procedures.
  • Provide a description of relevant committees.
  • Provide dates of forthcoming meetings and last minutes.
  • For staff in supervisory or leadership positions, discuss the University's expectations of their roles.
  • Discuss development and appraisal reviews and new staff member's role in this, and make appointments to meet for:
    • The Commencing Performance Development Appraisal (CPDA) (within the first two months)
    • The annual Performance Development and Appraisal (PDA) prior the end of the probation period

Checklist for new academic staff

Checklist for new general staff

This checklist is designed to provide you with the tools and information you need for a successful start at UWA. It is important that you familiarise yourself with the content and go through the list of tasks.


IT access (Pheme)

You will be able to complete this task and activate your Pheme account (UWA Access Management System) between 1 to 2 business days after accepting your contract of employment online.

You will be required to provide your employee number, which is displayed at the top of your contract of employment.

Activating your Pheme account will enable you to:

  • Login to your computer from day one (some computers may also require your local IT support to activate your account)
  • Access a range of services

including emails and calendars. Please activate your Pheme by following the link below:

Activate your Pheme account.

Activating your Pheme will immediately give you access to the Email and Calendaring Services via the web-based interface.

It is important to activate your Pheme account before you start to be able to login to a computer on your first day.

Important documents to provide

It is important that you provide all documents and information below in order to enable your IT access and commencement of payroll:

  1. Evidence of date of birth (birth certificate or passport).
  2. Evidence of eligibility to work in Australia. View accepted documents.
  3. Your full name as displayed on your identity documents (including middle name) must be provided to Human Resources to enable IT access and for a staff card to be issued.        
  4. Tax file number declaration. Read important tax information and complete the form.
  5. Authorisation of salary transfer form. See HR forms.    
  6. Declaration of ability to perform the inherent requirements of the position (enclosed with the contract of employment).
  7. Completed superannuation form. Please refer to your contract of employment to find out which superannuation plan is available to you and which plan the University will contribute to. The application form is located at the end of the Product Disclosure Statement. More information available at the Human Resources superannuation page.

All documents above can be provided:

  • In person: 55 Broadway, Ground Floor.
  • By email (certified copies): To the person identified in the covering letter of your contract
  • By mail (certified copies): The University of Western Australia | M350 - 35 Stirling Highway CRAWLEY WA 6009
Online Health and Safety Induction for Staff’

All staff are required to complete the UWA Online Health and Safety Induction.

Go to the HR Training Management System Enter your login details:

  • username (your 8-digit staff number)
  • password UWA2016
Enrol to orientations and inductions
All staff
Research staff
Teaching staff
Get to know your work tools

Week 1

Set up voicemail and email client
Obtain campus card

Your campus card is used for identification on campus, building access, library use and as an electronic purse to pay for copying, printing and other purchases.

Activate Employee Self Service (ESS) account

Once you have activated your ESS account, please complete your emergency contact details.

To complete your emergency contact details, please follow these steps:

  •          Login to ESS
  •          Expand the “personal details” folder on the top left of the screen
  •          Click on “emergency contacts”
  •         Then click on “Add new Emergency Contact record

In ESS, you can also update your contact details and consult your payslips and leave balance. 

Staff profile

In your staff profile, there are more than 20 key areas of information that you can update, including your background, the languages in which you are proficient, and a link to your Socrates profile. It is recommended at a minimum that you include your photo and biography.

How to create and update your staff profile.