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UWA encourages staff to undertake further studies and has developed a range of policies to support this.

The University's key priorities are to recruit, develop and retain staff of the highest quality and to provide a working environment that enables staff to reach their personal and professional potential and to promote the University's mission and goals.

A comprehensive performance management framework supports the University's mission which includes, workshops and programs and regular professional development and performance appraisal reviews for all staff.  

The framework includes specialist programs, workshops, staff reviews and grants and awards.


Find out more about UWAs Development programs for staff, including leadership, mentoring and research.
Workshops and sessions
Develop skills in human resources, records and financial management, and health and wellbeing.
Performance reviews (Pheme login)
Gain an understanding of the University's performance review process.
Staff development
Opportunities for career development, including secondments.
Grants and awards
Financial support for professional development and working overseas.

Training and development across UWA

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