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The Experience of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans Students at The University of Western Australia: Research Report 2016

Rainbow Flag against blue skies This report provides an overview of the experience of LGBT students at the University and includes a list of recommendations for improving the LGBT student experience. 

About this report

The pilot study upon which this report is based was the first to focus solely on the LGBT student experience at the University. Additionally, the study was almost certainly a first for the Australian higher education sector.


This report addresses the dearth of knowledge about LGBT students in Australia by drawing upon results of an anonymous online survey of 264 LGBT students from UWA. The students were asked about their perception and experience of being LGBT at UWA. It is hoped that the report will make a valuable contribution to diversity initiatives and to future data collection and comparison.


This project was funded by the UWA Alumni Fund Grants. The report was written by Dr Duc Dau and Penelope Strauss.

Aims of the report

The aims of the research project were twofold: to ask LGBT students directly about their experience at UWA and to offer recommendations to the University and the Student Guild for improving the LGBT student experience.


The recommendations in the report are based on feedback from participants of the study as well as best practice from around the globe. The report identifies where future efforts can be best placed for the University and the Student Guild to address the needs of students of diverse sexualities and genders.

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LGBT student study [PDF, 2.3 MB]
Updated 14 Nov 2016