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A range of policies, agreements and guidelines cover all work-related issues at UWA, including appointments, remuneration, leave, conditions, promotion and organisational change.

Enterprise Agreements

The majority of employment conditions at the University are regulated by Enterprise Agreements (Agreements).

There are four Agreements in operation at the University.  An employee's job title and classification will determine which Agreement applies to them.  More information on Agreements can be found here.  



Workforce planning
Enabling work areas at UWA to create a framework to strengthen and prepare for the future.
Policies and guidelines for the appointment of academic, professional and general, casual staff and contractors.
Titles and roles
Policies, procedures and guidelines covering academic titles and the roles and responsibilities of senior academics.
Remuneration and benefits
A summary of various allowances and loadings which may be available.
Organisational change, redundancy and redeployment
Policies and programs to support managers and staff at time of changes in the workplace.
Job redesign/reclassification
Information on what happens when organisational or other changes impact on particular professional and general staff positions.
Development, appraisal and recognition
How UWA encourages staff to develop their careers through a range of programs as well providing opportunities for study and other leave.
Management of staff
Guidelines for managerial supervision of academic and professional and general staff.
Conduct in the workplace
Maintaining a direct relationship between conduct expected of our people and the explicit core values of the institution.
Equity and diversity
Promoting and supporting UWA's aspirations to provide an equitable and inclusive environment for all staff, students, and the broader community.
Hours of work for professional and general staff and guidelines on academic workload.

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