Human Resources

Part C - Employment Conditions - Other Provisions

38.   Performance of Duties

The Vice-Chancellor or nominee may direct an employee to carry out such duties as are within the limits of the employee’s skills, competence and training consistent with the classification structure contained in this Agreement provided that such duties are not designed to promote de-skilling.

39.   Uniforms and Protective Clothing

39.1   Where an employee is required by the University to wear protective clothing the said clothing shall be supplied free of charge.

39.2   An employee issued with protective clothing shall be responsible for the care and maintenance except where infectious and/or hazardous materials are handled.

39.3   The protective clothing supplied shall remain the property of the University. The loss of such articles due to any cause arising out of neglect or misuse by the employee may be charged against the salary of the employee, provided that no charge shall be made in respect of reasonable wear and tear.

39.4   Protective clothing will be replaced at no expense to the employee when damaged through reasonable wear and tear.