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Various policies and guidelines apply for the appointment of academic, professional and general, casual staff and contractors.

Academic staff

Academic appointments
Conditions of appointment, including review period.
Probation and Confirmation (Academic Staff) Policy
The probation period is to establish whether there is an appropriate match between the person, the job, and the work environment.
Casual Employment Academic Staff Policy
Outlines the basis of engagement and payment of casual academic employees.
Guidelines governing the establishment of non-University funded positions
These guidelines refer to all positions, other than research-only, funded by sources other than the University.

Professional and General staff

Professional and general staff
Conditions apply when appointing professional and general staff at UWA.
Fast-Track Appointment of Professional and General Staff Policy
An accountable and transparent process for managers and supervisors to fast track the appointment of eligible employees.
Casual Employment Professional and General Staff Policy
Special conditions apply to the appointment of casual staff.


Guidelines for the engagement of contractors
The legal and administrative arrangements relating to the engagement of individuals supplying their services to the University.

Salaries and status

Starting Salaries
University policy is to appoint new staff to the first step of the salary scale. However, exceptions may be recommended to and approved by the Dean.
Changing the status of appointment
When it may be necessary or desirable to change the status of an appointment from fixed-term to ongoing status.


The process map for appointments at UWA, which you can view as an image map, or in RTF: