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Professional and general staff agreement

Special conditions apply to the employment of casual staff.


A casual employee is employed by the hour and paid on an hourly basis, when the nature of the work dictates.

Consideration should be given to fixed-term employment where the employee will be required to work on a regular basis for a continuous period greater than one month.

Casual employees may be eligible to apply to have their employment converted to a non-casual appointment under the circumstances outlined in the Conversion Process for Casual Staff.

Policies to consider before appointing a casual:

Appointees must meet the University's minimum qualification requirements for the position.

A person must not be employed by the University of Western Australia unless they are at least 15 years old.

Submission dates for entry via the web can be found at: Payroll Submission Dates 

The minimum engagement for a casual employee is 3 hours other than for:

Type of employee Minimum hours
Engagement over a fortnightly payroll period
Students of the University 3
Engagement per day
Community outreach workers including: orientation day, open day, campus guides, school demonstrations, career evenings and human movement vacation workers. 1
Hospitality workers including persons employed in any capacity in connection with accommodation, with the selling of drinks, preparing and serving food and drinks, cleaning and attending to the premises and all other associated services associated. 2
Pastoral and farm workers employed in connection with management, rearing or grazing of livestock; the sowing raising or harvesting of crops; the preparation and treatment of land for purposes outlined above and shearing or crutching of sheep. 1
Grape pickers and other workers incidental to wineries and vineyard. 1
Security officers, Security guards, mobile patrol persons, control room operators. 1
Cleaners 2
Building and maintenance including tradespersons (other than electricians) and all maintenance workers employed in relation to building. 1
Nurses, nurse educators, nurse managers or nursing consultants. 1
Aged and disability care workers. 2
Attendants/employees in residential colleges or halls of residence. 1
Gardeners including all employees engaged in the performance of work in or in connection with, or incidental to the industrial pursuits of gardening and green keeping, including ground keepers. 1
An employee who has a primary occupation with another employer, or who has a primary occupation at the University in other than the casual appointment in question. 1
An employee who is a student (including a post graduate student) and attends the University in his/her capacity as a student on the day/s of casual employment. 1

A student will be taken as being expected for attendance on any Monday to Friday during the main teaching weeks of the University, other than public holidays.

Students who work outside of the main teaching weeks may be engaged for a minimum of 3 hours, which can be worked over the fortnightly payroll period.

A casual employee may request, and his/her supervisor may agree, an engagement for less than the minimum to meet personal circumstances.


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