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Professional and General Staff appointment conditions

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Conditions apply when appointing someone to the general staff at UWA.


Ongoing or fixed-term general staff appointments are authorised by the Head of School on the basis of a previous approval to fill the position by the Dean.

A person must not be employed by the University of Western Australia unless they are at least 15 years old to meet the minimum age requirement.

Offers of appointment

Offers of appointment are prepared in Human Resources and made officially by the Director, Human Resources, on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor. A copy of the offer is sent electronically to a designated person in the school. Subsequent formal correspondence arising from offers of appointment is dealt with by Human Resources.

Appointments to non-research grant funded positions

Appointments to non-research grant funded positions are normally made as ongoing or fixed term. Appointments to research grant funded positions are normally for the period of the grant.

Fixed-term appointments can only be made for specific reasons as described in Schedule F of the General Staff Agreement, except positions at Level HEE10 or above are not included in the fixed term provisions and will normally be offered a contract of up to 5 years. The conditions of employment will be specified in the contract.

All fixed-term appointments of 12 months or greater are probationary for a period of six months. On the expiry of this initial term an appointment is either confirmed, annulled or extended on probation for a further term not exceeding six months.

Once an appointment is confirmed it continues until the expiry of the term or until terminated by written notice by either party.

Needs of the school

Positions may be filled on a part-time or job-share basis subject to the needs of the school and University on the recommendation of the head of school and the formal approval of the Dean in particular cases. Full time staff wishing to transfer to part-time employment may do so for a specific period or as an ongoing, non-reversible arrangement subject to approval by Head of School.

Effective date

When a member of staff successfully applies for appointment to a new position the effective date should be discussed and agreed between the receiving and relinquishing schools in consultation with the staff member. The receiving school should take the initiative. The starting point in discussions should be the period of notice the staff member would normally have been required to give if she/he had been resigning.

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