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Establishment of non-University funded positions

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These guides refer to all positions, other than research-only, funded by sources other than the University.

It is University policy to seek and welcome outside funding of positions in accordance with the following:

  1. One policy for all positions
  2. Procedure
  3. Academic justification
  4. Full funding principle
  5. Partly funded positions
  6. Limited term funding
  7. Contract and tenure
  8. School staffing levels

One policy for all positions

Staff members appointed under these guides shall be treated the same as University-funded staff. They will need to be taken into account in the resource allocation arrangements within faculties. In the case of support staff, their duties and place in the line of responsibility to the head of school shall be set out in a duty statement.

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The Dean shall, if satisfied with both the academic case and the financial implications, endorse the proposal and forward to the Vice-Chancellor for approval and acceptance of the arrangement on behalf of the University.

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Academic justification

  • School to the Dean.
  • The contribution of the post to teaching and/or research and/or service activities shall be clearly defined. For a teaching and research appointment the number of lectures, tutorials, clinical sessions etc. to be given shall be shown as shall the extent to which they are additional to teaching currently done in the school. The case for establishment of each position shall be made by the head of the school.
  • If a new subject is to be taught, standard procedures shall be followed and resource check lists shall be completed.
  • A case shall be made for the salary, classification and level at which it is proposed that the position be filled.
  • If a proposed position will facilitate implementation of an aspect of the faculty's strategic plan that will be prima facie justification of its acceptance by the Dean and, where the position cannot be fully funded, will bear on the extent to which the Dean is willing to contribute to its establishment.

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Full funding principle

In every case University negotiators at all levels shall make every attempt to obtain full funding. Full funding includes:

  • direct salaries and on-costs for the position including:
    • administrative/secretarial staff
    • technical staff
    • research staff
  • computing costs (hardware, software and time at WARCC)
  • cost of experimental animals
  • travel grants according to the current policy on eligibility
  • costs of major items of equipment
  • appointment expenses – advertising, airfares, removals and the like
  • study grant costs, in respect to which the case shall specify how the teaching and research will continue during the absence of personnel on study grants
  • cost of necessary new library accessions of monographs and serials
  • administrative overheads (the responsibility of General Services Resources Committee) such as:
    • costs in the Registrar's and Director Finance and Resources Office, insurances
    • telephones and calls
    • car parking costs
    • postage
    • electricity and gas (which overheads may be calculated as a standard percentage of total costs or in an itemised way according to policy at the time. Advice should be sought from the Secretary to the General Services Resources Committee.)
    • accommodation, furniture, and the like, by way of a capital contribution or an annual contribution, according to policy at the time

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Partly-funded positions

The University may choose to accept less than full funding. In such cases the Dean will be responsible for underwriting the cost of all items not covered by the outside funding and such undertaking will be stipulated at the time the contract is signed. No such position will be accepted unless the funding of all items listed above has been agreed.

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Limited-term funding

When funding is for a limited term only, what is to be done at the end of the term shall be stipulated at the time the contract is signed. If the aim is to absorb the position into the faculty's operating grant fund the criteria which shall be applied to determine whether that should happen shall be stipulated when the contract is signed and if practicable, a strategy for absorption of the position into the recurrent budget should be included in the papers setting out the case for acceptance of the position.

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Contract and tenure

  • Ongoing/tenurable appointments may be made only where the funding authority guarantees, under strict and legally binding contract (formal letter), to provide the continuing total cost of such positions and appointments until retirement.
  • Where the standard conditions for an appointment allow promotion, salary increments, and/or allowances, the guaranteed funding shall cover all possibilities.

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School staffing levels

It is the responsibility of Deans to maintain, from outside funding, appropriate levels of technical and clerical assistance to enable schools to maintain efficiency in these areas as outside funded academic staff are appointed.

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