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Conflicts of Interest

Employees are to actively avoid being placed in situations of conflict of interest.

At UWA, there is a strong relationship between conduct expected of our staff, their right to a safe and inclusive working environment and the explicit core values of the institution.

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Code of Ethics and Code of Coduct
Codes for all University staff and students.
UWA Conflict of Interest Policy
Personal interests which have the potential to conflict with those of the University must be properly disclosed.
Guidelines for conduct in the workplace
Ensuring that all students and all members of staff are able to pursue their work and studies in a safe and civil environment. See below for specific policies on bullying and harassment.
Prevention and Resolution of Bullying on Campus Policy
Addressing inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour on campus which can be defined as bullying.
Workplace harassment and bullying
UWA's commitment to the values of fairness, respect and dignity.
Sexual Harassment Policy
Detailing the University's expectations of employees and students in respect of conduct that constitutes sexual harassment.
Racial harassment
UWA is maintaining a work and study environment which is free from racial harassment.
Children on the University Campus Policy
Recognising the right of individuals to access the benefits of education and employment irrespective of their responsibilities toward dependent children.
Professional and personal relationships in the workplace policy
Conduct expected in the performance of duties, and in maintaining public trust and confidence in UWA.


Fraud and Corruption Policy
Protecting UWA's assets, interests and reputation through a co-ordinated approach in dealing with suspected fraud and corruption.
Guidelines for dealing with fraud and corruption at UWA
The need for accountability in decision making, particularly in the use of public funds, endowments and bequests.
Professional and Consultative Work Policy
Managing flexible opportunities for employees to undertake consultancy work, including control expectations.
Professional and consultative work process map
The process map summarises the timing requirements.

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Policy and procedures for dealing with Equity and Diversity enquiries and grievances
Dealing with enquires and complaints from staff and students about discrimination and harassment.
Mediation and alternative dispute resolution
Creating a supportive work environment and managing complaints and grievances.

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Media guidelines and policies
Governing interaction between University staff and the mainstream media and online social media.
Social Media Policy
This policy outlines appropriate participation and behaviour of all employees when using any social medial for work and clarifies the boundaries employees are required to understand about private identity within the social media context where these factors may impact on an individual's and/or the University’s reputation.

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