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Code of Conduct: Respect for People

Respect for People


Staff members who have access to official University documentation and information must take care to maintain the integrity, confidentiality and privacy of such information to protect any individual concerned. Members of the University should also undertake to maintain the privacy of oral communications where that has been requested.

However, the University has both legal obligations and a duty of care to all its employees and students which may take precedence over a complainant’s desire for confidentiality. Duty of care considerations will include an assessment of the safety of people involved in the matter, and may require employee reallocation or adjustment of duties and reporting lines, or University timetable, while the matter is addressed.

Staff files are highly confidential records relating to staff members. It is essential that staff members feel confident that information relating to them is treated inan appropriate manner, with due attention paid to the need for non-disclosure of file contents outside normal University business transactions. Staff must take care to respect the confidentiality and privacy of students and only provide information when authorised by the Registrar’s Office or for legitimate purposes.

Access To and Use of Staff Files

University Policy on: Professional and Consultative Work

About the Freedom of Information Act

University Statement on Privacy of Electronic Material


Staff and students of this University are entitled to fair and equitable complaint procedures. The University has a number of avenues for assistance with complaints and disputes, depending on their nature. These include the Equity and Diversity Adviser Scheme, Employee Relations and Management Services, Equity and Diversity, Complaints Resolution, and the UWA Student Guild. Contact details are listed in Appendix 2.

The University is bound by the WA Public Interest Disclosure Act which permits complaints about University staff to be investigated on a protected and, if necessary, anonymous basis. In some circumstances, or if you are afraid of repercussions, it may be necessary to raise an issue directly with one of the University’s Public Interest Disclosure Officers to discuss the matter. See 3.2 ‘Public Interest Disclosure’ for further information and Appendix 2 for contact details.

To support the resolution of complaints a framework has been developed and can be found at Student, staff and community specific information has also been developed and is available from the Complaint Resolution Unit or on the web as below:




Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is recognised by this University and stipulates that the benefits should provide equitable returns to the originators of intellectual property, both as an incentive and reward, as well as to the University. Regulations provide for the ownership of intellectual property created by students and staff of the University.

Intellectual Property includes inventions and copyright in various types of work.

University Policy on: Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Regulations

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