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Staff exchanges and placements with other organisations

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From time to time, University staff take part in exchange programs with outside organisations.


Participation in a program of interchange of personnel with outside organisations may be approved by the Dean, Registrar or Executive Director (Finance and Resources) on the recommendation of the head of school or administrative area where it can be established that the exchange will be beneficial to the University, the organisation concerned and the individual staff members involved.


Staff members participating in an approved exchange or placement program will be regarded as being on duty at the University with all existing and accruing rights preserved.

Payments and accruals

The University will ensure that, in respect of its own staff:

  • salary and allowance payments continue uninterrupted with any recoup being arranged by the University direct with the other organisation
  • leave and other entitlements continue to accrue in accordance with normal conditions of service. Specific agreement on leave arrangements should be reached with the other organisation before the exchange takes effect.


The University will agree to employ the exchange or placement staff member in conformity with any agreement arranged between the University and the other organisation.

General issues

General issues regarding staff exchanges:

  • Any exchange or placement agreement between the University and another organisation will identify the officer to whom the exchange or placement staff member will be responsible.
  • If disciplinary action is required during the period of the exchange or placement, it will be initiated by the organisation to which the exchange or placement staff member is attached and administered in consultation with the employing organisation.
  • Exchanges or placements would generally be arranged for periods between three and six months, depending on the circumstances, and can be terminated only if both parties agree.
  • Reciprocal arrangements may be negotiated where requested in any particular case but reciprocity need not be simultaneous nor in the same employment field.

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