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Academic staff probation

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  • Guide for the use of an Academic Portfolio


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Probation for newly appointed ongoing and fixed term academic staff provides career development and a means of assessing an individual’s competencies to do the job they are appointed to.

After six months’ service all employees have certain legislated employment rights and academic probation beyond six months forms part of the University’s internal performance management framework.

The University’s academic probation process provides a three to five year planning and review cycle supporting staff to reach their full career potential and achieve their work goals, including confirmation of tenure at the end of the probationary period.


Previously known as Tenure, the Probation and Confirmation (Academic Staff) policy defines the nature and purpose of probation for academic staff and sets out eligibility, responsibilities and timeframes for the probation process.


Probation periods are determined by the term of employment and the academic level of the employee

Academic portfolios and annual supervisor reports are to be submitted annually throughout the probationary period

Late submission of Academic Portfolios may result in extension of probation or annulment of appointment

Supervisor's annual report

Academic staff should read the information contained in the Guide for the use of an Academic Portfolio prior to completing the required information and forwarding to the Head of School.

All information to be assessed must be provided by the academic staff member under review.