Human Resources

Equity and Diversity

Equity and Diversity promotes and supports UWA's aspirations to provide an equitable and inclusive environment for all staff, students, and the broader community with whom we engage.

Equity is a fundamental element of the UWA vision.

With this is mind, the Unversity has a number of policies, procedures and other protocols in place.

  1. Conduct
  2. Workplace
  3. Gender
  4. Wellbeing
  5. Flexible work


UWA Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
Codes covering ethical principles, values and behaviours expected and conduct while at UWA.
Charter of Student Rights and Responsibilities
Fundamental rights and responsibilities of students and their organisations.
Professional and Personal Relationships in the Workplace
Conduct expected to maintain public trust and confidence in the integrity and professionalism of the University.

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Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
UWA's responsibilities under Commonwealth and State legislation.
Workforce Diversity Strategy
Enhancing workforce representation of Indigenous Australians, people with disabilities and people from culturally diverse backgrounds.
Indigenous Employment and Career Strategy
Aiming to significantly improve Indigenous employment within UWA.
Children on the University Campus
Promoting an environment that respects the sometimes conflicting priorities of work, study and family responsibilities.
Staff with disabilities
Maintaining equitable work practices and removing any discriminatory barriers.
Sexual Harassment
UWA's policy on sexual harassment and its commitment to an environment free from Racial Harassment.

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Achievement Relative to Opportunity
Providing consistency, fairness and transparency in the implementation and utilisation of the principles of achievement relative to opportunity in any staffing matter requiring a decision, evaluation, or determination based on merit.
Diverse Sexualities and Genders
Expectations of inclusive behaviour towards individuals of all sexualities and genders.
Gender Balance on Committees
Ensuring an appropriate gender balance on its committees.
Guidelines on the use of non-discriminatory language
Equal opportunity should be evident in all official University publications and communications.
This policy sets a framework for The University of Western Australia (UWA) to meet both its legislative obligations and its aspirations around equality and inclusion. UWA's Equal Opportunity Policy Statement declares that the University will act to ensure that its structures are free from discrimination against trans people.

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Mental Health
The University’s management of mental health and wellbeing for the campus community.
Prevention and Resolution of Bullying on Campus
Responsibilities of managers/supervisors when responding to instances of bullying.

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Flexible work

Flexible Work and Leave Practices
Supporting employees with various priorities at work, home and in their community. Find out how it's done and your right to request such an arrangement.
Home-based Work
Setting out the entitlements and eligibility criteria.
Home-based work considerations
Requirements for employees and supervisors to work together to achieve objectives.
Job Sharing
Allowing people to work less than full-time while ensuring that all the duties of the position are completed. Find out how it's done.

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