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Allowances and loadings

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  • Salary scales
  • Academic allowances

UWA has a number of allowances that may be paid. There are specific conditions attached to each.

Distinction allowances - academic staff
There is a fixed-sum payment recognising exceptional performance.
Higher Duties Allowance for general staff
This allowance is payable when a position is vacant or when the duties are not being undertaken by the occupant.
Discretionary allowances and payments
Policy outlining the various allowances available to attract, retain and reward outstanding employees. Identify the most appropriate discretionary allowance.
Additional Responsibilities Allowances (ARA)
This allowance may be paid to staff members, including allowances for performing designated roles at the University.
Clinical loadings
These loadings are paid to certain medical and dental academic staff in recognition of their particular responsibility for patient care.
Uniforms and Protective Clothing Policy
The rights and responsibilities of employees in relation to the provision, care and maintenance of uniforms and protective clothing.
Supplementary clinical allowances
Supplementary funding is available where clinical loadings are insufficient to cover the gap between academic salaries and those paid to hospital specialists.
Meal allowances
In certain cases, a meal allowance is paid for overtime worked.