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Additional Responsibilities Allowances (ARA)

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Additional Responsibilities Allowances (ARA) may be paid to staff members, including allowances for performing designated roles at the University.

An Additional Responsibilities Allowance (ARA) may be paid to a member of the University staff who undertakes some discrete, additional work or area of responsibility which is not normally part of her/his negotiated duties. In the case of academic staff such additional duties may include above load teaching including summer terms or overseas.

Additional Responsibilities Allowances may also be paid to those academic staff who perform designated University roles such as Chair of the Academic Board, Head of School or, in some circumstances, Directors of Centres.


General staff

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Academic staff

  • A dollar value for the additional duties should be negotiated with reference to the quantum of payments made for similar duties elsewhere in the University.
  • A written recommendation from the head of school or supervisor should document the additional duties and agreed rate of payment and be sent to the Dean for approval.
  • Where the ARA involves a designated University role refer to Position of Responsibility, for current policy regarding payment of Deans and Heads of School.

Schools should ensure that funds are available prior to recommending an Additional Responsibilities Allowance, particularly for grant-funded positions where funds may be restricted to a particular point on the range.

When the ARA has been approved, all details should be submitted by memo to HR Services for processing and payment.