Human Resources


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These policies cover payments and overpayments, assistance for those working at the Rural Clinical School, and various travel payments.

Salary, Wages, One-off Payment and Allowance Overpayments Policy
Responsibilities of both employees and the University to identify, report and recover overpayments.
Incremental Progression Policy
Annual salary increments, qualification for provision to advance an employee more than one increment or grant a special increment.
Rural Clinical School of WA: Family-friendly Travel Assistance Policy
Assistance with expenses incurred for support and caring responsibilities when undertaking travel required by the RCS.
Travel Policy
Financial Services Policy providing details for approvals, bookings, insurance, payments and risk management.
Travel Payments Policy
Human Resources Policy relating to up-front travel payments for Per Diems (Academic) and travel allowance (Professional and General). These payments are to cover out-of-pocket expenses in accordance with the Staff Agreement (Professional and General) and the Australian Tax Office (Academic) rates.
Use of Employee's Private Vehicle Policy
The nature and purpose of use of an employee's own vehicle and the rates for calculation of reimbursement payments for mileage when an employee is on official University business.