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The University is committed to attracting, developing and retaining the highest quality staff.

Vital to pursuing this aim is the acknowledgement of employees for their contribution to the University and the recognition of outstanding performance.

Reward and Recognition Policy
This policy encourages such recognition of individuals and teams through a range of formal and informal mechanisms.
Discretionary Allowances and Payments Policy
Discretionary allowances and payments may be granted to attract and retain employees who have special skills or expertise.
Attraction Allowance Policy
An attraction allowance may form part of the remuneration negotiated in the appointment process.
Bonus Payment Policy
Bonus payments may be made for outstanding performance beyond the expectations of the role.
Market Allowance Policy
This allowance may be made where there is a demonstrated market demand for professional skills or expertise.
Performance Allowance Policy
This alowance can apply where an employee performs outstandingly and/or beyond the expectations of the position or role.
Retention Allowance Policy
This allowance may be made where an employee has been offered a position with another organisation and the University wishes to make a counter offer..
Salary Progression Policy
Allows staff access to the next salary level beyond their substantive classification level.
Incremental Progression Policy
Annual salary increments, qualification for provision to advance an employee more than one increment (accelerated increment) or grant a special increment.