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Academic salaries

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Academic salaries are determined in accordance with Schedule A of The University of Western Australia Academic Employees Agreement 2017.

Rates effective as of 4 July 2022

Step Salary Annual Fortnightly Hourly
Level A
Step 01 LVLA$74,236$2,846.11$37.95
Step 02 LVLA$78,339$3,003.41$40.05
Step 03 LVLA$82,449$3,160.98$42.15
Step 04 LVLA$86,554$3,318.36$44.24
Step 05 LVLA$89,898$3,446.57$45.95
Step 06 LVLA$93,232$3,574.39$47.66
Step 07 LVLA$96,572$3,702.44$49.37
Step 08 * LVLA$99,905$3,830.22$51.07
Level B
Step 01 LVLB$105,043$4,027.21$53.70
Step 02 LVLB$108,898$4,175.00$55.67
Step 03 LVLB$112,748$4,322.61$57.63
Step 04 LVLB$116,597$4,470.17$59.60
Step 05 LVLB$120,449$4,617.85$61.57
Step 06 LVLB$124,301$4,765.53$63.54
Level C
Step 01 LVLC$128,152$4,913.18$65.51
Step 02 LVLC$132,001$5,060.74$67.48
Step 03 LVLC$135,855$5,208.50$69.45
Step 04 LVLC$139,709$5,356.26$71.42
Step 05 LVLC$143,557$5,503.78$73.38
Step 06 LVLC$147,413$5,651.62$75.35
Level D
Step 01 LVLD$153,830$5,897.64$78.64
Step 02 LVLD$158,965$6,094.50$81.26
Step 03 LVLD$164,103$6,291.49$83.89
Step 04 LVLD$169,237$6,488.32$86.51
Level E
Step 01 LVLE$197,486$7,571.35$100.95

*Employees, other than a Casual Employee, appointed to Level A under Schedule A who possess a PhD or are appointed as a course controller will not receive a salary of less than Level A.8.