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Academic allowances

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Salary scales

Allowances may be paid to suitably qualified staff, subject to certain conditions.

Level Allowance Annual Fortnightly
102A Allowance - Head of School (Small)$13,588.00$520.95
102B Allowance - Head of School (Medium)$15,633.00$599.35
102C Allowance - Head of School (Large)$18,280.00$700.83
126D Attraction/Retention Allow (Dental Only) (Super)$15,797.00$605.64
130A Professorial Fellow Allow Step 2 (Variable, super)$6,581.00$252.31
130C Professorial Fellow Allow Step 4 (Variable, super)$19,748.00$757.11
X020A Clinical Loading$31,637.00$1,212.92
X030A Para Clinical Loading$21,122.00$809.79
X040A Pre Clinical Loading$15,842.00$607.36
X040B Dental Loading$15,842.00$607.36