Human Resources

Casual teaching rates

This table shows the aggregate rates for casual teaching. These rates include the 25 per cent casual loading.

Staff engaged as casual research academics are to be paid under the ORAA category.

Casual employees are eligible for the 11% employer contribution (in addition to the 25% loading) which is paid into the Accumulation 1 Fund.

Rates effective as of 3 July 2023

  1. Lecturing
  2. Tutoring
  3. Musical Accompanying with Special Educational Services
  4. Marking
  5. Other Required Academic Activity (Including Demonstrations)
  6. Other University of Western Australia Rates


Description Code Pay Rate
Basic Lecture 710$216.33
Repeat Lecture 712$144.22
Developed Lecture 700$288.44
Specialised Lecture 701$360.55
Casual Teaching (Agreed Rate) 700AAgreed Rate


Description Code Pay Rate
Tutorial 720$155.63
Repeat Tutorial 722$103.75
Tutorial (PhD) 725$185.21
Repeat Tutorial (PhD) 726$123.47

Musical Accompanying with Special Educational Services

Description Code Pay Rate
Musical Accompanying 756$103.75
Musical Accompanying (PhD) 757$123.47


Description Code Pay Rate
Simple Marking 754$48.16
Standard Marking 752$51.87
Standard Marking (PhD) 752A$57.13
Marking (Academic Judgement) 750$72.11

Other Required Academic Activity (Including Demonstrations)*

Description Code Pay Rate
Other Required Academic Activity (ORAA) 730$51.87
ORAA (PhD) 734A$61.73

*Applicable rates for Casual Research Academics

Other University of Western Australia Rates

Description Code Pay Rate
Language Studies - Conversation Courses
ORAA Repeat 732$34.58
ORAA Repeat PhD 736A$41.16
School of Architecture and Fine Arts
Graduate Demonstration School of Design 739$55.99
Doctoral Graduate Demonstration - School of Design 739A$57.12
Current Student Demonstration 740$51.95
School of Psychology - Lab Tutorial/Demonstration
Demo Tutorial/Practical Insts School of Psychology 741$125.65
Repeat Demonstration/Tutorial School of Psychology 743$88.11
Doctoral Demo/Tutorial - School of Psychology 745A$149.67
Repeat Doctoral Demo/Tutorial School of Psychology 747A$104.92
School of Sports Science, Exercise and Health
Professional Instruction (Human Mvmnt) 760$134.10
Professional Instruction PhD (Human Mvmnt) 760A$139.03
Repeat Instruction (Human Mvmnt) 764$98.04
Repeat Instruction (Human Mvmnt - PhD) 764A$102.97
Demonstration Tutorial (Human Mvmnt) 762$103.75
Demonstration Tutorial PhD (Human Mvmnt) 761A$123.47
School of Music
Professional Instruction (Music) 765$134.10
Professional Instruction (Music - PhD) 765A$139.03
School of Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology
Demonstration (Anat & Human Biol - PhD) 766$123.47
Medical Demonstration (Human Sciences) 766A$103.75
School of Indigenous Studies
Tutorial - SIS Individual Tutor (No Degree) 777$55.00
Tutorial - SIS Individual Tutor (Degree) 777A$60.00