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Working with children check

The University of Western Australia has obligations as an employer in seeking both Working with Children Checks and National Police Clearances.

The new Working with Children (Criminal Record Checking) Act 2004 introduces compulsory criminal record checking to ensure a consistent and high standard of checking for certain people who work with children. The Act aims to protect children from harm by introducing a high standard of compulsory national criminal record checking for people working with children in Western Australia.

The WWC website has comprehensive information on the WWC Check, including details of the legislation and when to apply.

The University also requires a National Police Clearance in conjunction with a WWC Check.

Applications are lodged at Australia Post shops or agencies.

When you need a WWC Check

The WWC (Criminal Record Checking) Act 2004 requires that employers obtain a WWC check in child-related work only if the usual duties of the work involve, or are likely to involve, contact with a child.

Contact includes any form of:

  • physical contact
  • oral communication, whether fact-to-face, by telephone or otherwise
  • electronic communication.

When you don't need a WWC Check

People who are not in child-related work are not eligible for a WWC Check. “Child related work” has a specific definition in the legislation and does not include all work where there is contact with children.

There are many work situations where there is occasional contact with children or where the customers may be children, including the general retail industry, the local deli or the cinema. However, it is not reasonable, nor is it the intention of this legislation, to require screening of persons working in general work situations.

An exemption applies where accommodation and educational services are provided to enrolled students (some of whom may be under 18 years old) by a university or tertiary college.

While applications from ineligible employees will not be processed by the Department for Community Development, it is important to ensure that eligibility is verified prior to lodgement of Application Form (a fee is payable upon lodgement).