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UWA aims to attract the highest quality staff in all areas of its operations.

When preparing to recruit, managers and supervisors should develop a strategy to broaden the reach and diversity of a targeted pool of applicants. Advertising is just one approach to attracting candidates and alternate search methods are to be considered.

There is a strict process to be followed when a vacancy arises in both academic and professional and general staff areas, and a separate process exists for Senior Executives, Deans and Professor (Level E) appointments.


Preparing to recruit

Position description

  1. The first step is to update / create the position description including:
    • Selection criteria
    • Role statement
    • Key responsibilities*
      (Optional for academics)
    • If the position description requires a National Police clearance or Working with Children Check, this must be indicated on the position description (selection criteria) and on the advertisement.
  2. Once the position description is created and up to date, submit it for review / approval:
    • For professional roles: Email the position description to Classifications for assessment.
    • For academic roles: Position descriptions are approved at school / faculty level.
Position description template
Guide to using position descriptions and standard position descriptions

For more information, view policies on job redesign and classifications

A search plan is required for:

  • Senior professional positions
  • All academic positions of 3 years or more


For all approvals to fill a position (advertised or not advertised):

Go to eRecruitment.


Go to HR Forms for:

  • Casuals
  • Honoraries
  • Adjuncts
  • Visiting appointments
  • Fast track
  • Renewals

For more information, view policies on approval.



UWA competitive selection process

Step No. Process step What you need to know
1 Appoint chair of selection panel. The chair should refer to the Selection and Appointment guide for chair of selection panel, available in the selection and appointment toolkit.
2 Approved Request to Advertise The Request to Advertise must be submitted for approval through eRecruitment.
3 Confirmation of advertising text with Human Resources
4 Advertising and applications review
5 Assess, shortlist and interview
6 Pre-employment checks
7 Offer: Email the signed selection report to HR Services:

Alternative selection process

For important information about exceptions to advertising, refer to section 6 of the University Policy on Advertising.



View the appointment policies page for important information about conditions of appointment.



View the online induction on the New Staff website.