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The Dean will be responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the academic leadership and management of the faculty.

The Dean will co-ordinate academic planning and resource allocation to schools and such other academic units and services as are allocated to the faculty.

  • The Dean is part of the senior management group within the University acting under delegated authority from the Vice-Chancellor in so doing and reporting directly to the Vice-Chancellor or a designated deputy.
  • Heads of schools or such other units and centres or services as are allocated to the faculty are responsible to the Dean. The authority of the Dean extends to all resources and staffing matters within the faculty, with the exception of those matters determined centrally.
  • The principal role of the Dean is to assist the faculty and components of the faculty to achieve their agreed academic objectives as effectively as possible. The Dean is accountable to the Vice Chancellor.
  • A second major role is to contribute towards policies which enhance the effectiveness of the University as a whole, and to counsel and represent the Vice-Chancellor accordingly.

Allocation of funds to faculties by the Senate will be on the advice of the Senate Finance Committee after receiving the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor based on consultation with the Planning and Resources Committee.

Faculty councils will provide the Dean with advice on the Academic Plan, on the preparation of budget estimates from internal submissions and on the allocation of resources within the faculty. The Dean will chair the faculty council.

  1. Responsibilities of Deans
  2. Conditions of appointment for Deans
  3. Acting Deans
  4. Guidance

Responsibilities of Deans

Responsibilities of the Dean are determined by the Vice-Chancellor and include the following.
  • to provide effective academic leadership and management of the faculty
  • to develop, implement and maintain an academic plan for the faculty
  • to prepare and present the faculty’s submissions for resources, and to administer the resources provided
  • to chair the faculty council
  • to represent the faculty in the University and externally
  • to ensure adherence to the policies of the University and the legal requirements placed on it
  • to encourage staff development and a high level of staff performance
  • to provide advice to the Vice-Chancellor on matters relating to the faculty
  • to assume administrative responsibility for other academic, and service facilities as may be required by the Vice-Chancellor
  • to contribute towards policies which enhance the effectiveness of the University as a whole and to counsel and represent the Vice-Chancellor accordingly
  • to undertake any other duties specified by the Vice-Chancellor

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Conditions of appointment for Deans

The Dean of each faculty will be appointed for a five year term of office with an option for reappointment.

Positions will be advertised both internally and externally.

A remuneration package will be negotiated with the Dean.

A University motor vehicle is provided for the appointee’s official and personal use. All costs associated with the operation, repair and maintenance of the vehicle will be met from the faculty budget.

On completion of the five year appointment as Dean, the Employee will be eligible for six months research leave if the appointment is to be extended for a further five year term or the Employee is offered an academic appointment within the University. On taking up the appointment any accrued entitlement to Sabbatical or eligible service towards such an entitlement is preserved. Sabbatical may not be taken during the appointment and entitlement to Sabbatical cannot be accrued whilst serving as Dean but the preserved entitlement may be combined with research leave at the end of an appointment to Dean.

Salary and allowances paid to Deans will continue during research leave immediately following the term of office. A University motor vehicle is not provided during the research leave.

All rights and entitlements accrued under an existing contract of appointment will be preserved.

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Acting Deans

An administrative allowance is payable to acting Deans appointed for periods of one month or more. The allowance is equivalent to 10% of a professor’s salary.

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For guidance on the selection procedures for Dean positions refer to selection procedures for Deans.

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