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ARC and NHMRC Fellows

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Titles and roles

The titles of lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor and professor can be conferred on ARC and NHMRC fellows appointed or promoted to research fellow, senior research fellow, principal research fellow and senior principal research fellow.

Titles below professor are conferred by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of the Head of School, the Dean and the Chair of the Promotions and Tenure Committee.

The titles will be awarded for the duration of the fellowship.

The title of professor is conferred by Senate on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor, the Chair of the Academic Board, the Dean, and the Head of School, who must address the role of the proposed professor.

ARC and NHMRC fellows currently appointed as adjunct or clinical appointments may choose to retain their existing title if the academic appointment is more senior than that equivalent to the level of their ARC or NHMRC fellowship.

Staff appointed below the level of senior principal research fellow can apply for promotion to a more senior academic title to that equivalent to the level of their fellowship, using the criteria for research-only staff. Such promotion does not carry an increase in salary.


Or other approved funding where the grant holder is designated the Principal Investigator.