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University Policy on Senior Honorary Fellow / Senior Honorary Research Fellow

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Human Resources
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Revised 01/04/2011
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The University of Western Australia

University Policy on: Senior Honorary Fellow / Senior Honorary Research Fellow

Purpose of the policy and summary of issues it addresses:

This policy defines the purpose, eligibility and conditions for the limited appointment of recent and imminent retirees of the University to continue their work.


"FTE" means Full time equivalent. Eg, an FTE of 1.0 means an employee is equivalent to full-time, while an FTE of 0.5 means the employee works half-time.

"Fellow" included in the title means -

- an emphasis on teaching rather than research

- the person will be eligible for appointment to an assistant professorship or above

"Research Fellow" included in the title means -

- an emphasis on research rather than teaching

"Senior Honorary (Research) Fellow" means Senior Honorary Fellow or Senior Honorary Research Fellow

"University" means The University of Western Australia

Policy statement:

The appointment of Senior Honorary (Research) Fellow provides the opportunity for retiring/retired academics to continue their work with benefit to their discipline and the University.

A Senior Honorary (Research) Fellow normally receives no remuneration of any kind from the University. Arrangements for payment can be made when significant and unexpected teaching commitments are requested from the Work Area.

1 Eligibility

1.1 Senior Honorary (Research) Fellowships are available to a limited number of experienced and active persons who have recently retired, or are about to retire from the University.

1.2 Senior current academics (at level D and E) of the University from another faculty may be invited for appointment.

2 Conditions

2.1 The Senior Honorary (Research) Fellow's activity is expected to benefit both them and the University.

2.2 Proposals may be submitted at any time for immediate appointment, or for an appointment to begin not later than 12 months following the application.

2.3 Senior Honorary (Research) Fellow appointments are normally made for up to three years.

2.4 Proposals for renewal or extension will not be considered beyond the initial period unless it can be shown that the appointee has made an active and productive contribution during the appointment.

2.5 Appointments carry the following privileges:

  • the ability to nominate the University as a 'host institute' when applying for research funding from outside sources, with the corollary that the University will receive and administer any grants made, and handle any associated staff appointments;
  • eligibility for appointment as co-supervisor of a higher degree candidate;
  • access, subject to the Head of School's approval, to school resources;
  • use of the University Library on the same terms as a full-time academic staff member;
  • eligibility for membership of The University Club of Western Australia;
  • eligibility for membership to UWA Sports.

2.6 Th e Senior Honorary (Research) Fellow is not obliged to perform any specific work for the University, but in return for the above privileges they are expected to contribute to the teaching and research or general betterment of the University through voluntary activities.

2.7 Teaching which is undertaken by a Senior Honorary (Research) Fellow will normally be without payment. This will be discussed and specified in the written agreement attached to the proposal.

2.8 When a Senior Honorary (Research) Fellow is requested to undertake a significant and unexpected teaching load, such as while a colleague is absent on personal leave, approval may be granted for payment of remuneration (not exceeding 0.25 FTE annually).

2.9 Appointees are bound by the University's Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct and the Universities policies flowing from these codes.

2.10 Senior Honorary (Research) Fellows working within the University and collaborating with University employees may be required to enter into an agreement with the University concerning issues such as the ownership of intellectual property and confidentiality. For further information contact the Legal Services office.

2.11 Senior Honorary (Research) Fellow appointments are approved by the Dean (or equivalent) on the recommendation of the Head of School (or equivalent). See Delegations.

2.12 Senior Honorary (Research) Fellow appointments may be shortened or withdrawn on direction by the Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor (or nominee) when it is considered to be in the University's interests to do so.

2.13 No additional funding will be available from the University to Schools for Senior Honorary (Research) Fellows.

3 Office Accommodation

3.1 Employees retiring from the University are required to vacate their existing accommodation.

3.2 A fellow's accommodation needs will be considered by the School/Centre concerned and honorary appointees will not normally be taken into account in any review of accommodation allocated to Schools.

3.3 Support for honorary appointments may be made conditional on appointees sharing rooms or occupying rooms of employees on leave.

School proposals to appoint should include:

- full name and present appointment, or last appointment if already retired, of nominee;

- a written agreement, developed by both the Head of School and the Fellow, which describes the particular contribution the fellow expects to make to the scholarly activities of the school or the University including, if relevant, the extent to which school resources will be used and the expected/anticipated result of the proposed program

- should a substantial change in the direction of the program or use of resources be considered, agreement between the Head of School and the fellow should be reached prior to the changes being introduced;

- details of any research projects or scholarly activities on which the nominee has recently been engaged, and any other information to show that the proposed Fellow has an established (research) reputation and a continuing research or scholarly activity in a field appropriate to the sponsoring school;

- learned societies of which the nominees is an officer or member;

- potential accommodation arrangements recommended by the School.

Proposals are to be forwarded to the Dean for approval.

Offers of appointment for Senior Honorary (Research) Fellows are prepared in Human Resources.

Publications over the past seven years are to be submitted to the School Manager. Publication details are held in the UWA Publications Database.


School proposals to re-appoint should include:

- Expiry Notification or memo - to be signed by the Dean;

- a written agreement, developed by both the Head of School and the
Fellow, which describes the particular contribution the Fellow expects to make to the scholarly activities of the school or the University including, if relevant, the extent to which school resources will be used and the expected/anticipated result of the proposed programme;

- CV -only required if content has been updated since the initial appointment;

- updated publications are to be submitted to the School Manager

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