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Guide for the use of an Academic Portfolio

Lucienne Tessens, Lecturer - Higher Education Development from Organisational Development shares some tips on "Building an academic portfolio".

Remarks from Ian McArthur about practical preparation tips based on his experience on the Academic Promotions Committee.

The Academic Portfolio is the required document for all applications for promotion, tenure and for annual Performance Development and Appraisals for academic staff.

  1. Academic portfolios
  2. Documentation
  3. Summary of documentation to be submitted

Academic Portfolio

An Academic Portfolio is a summary of your major activities and accomplishments, documenting the nature and extent of your contributions as well as your role and achievements. It has three major components (or folios), supported by your Curriculum Vitae (CV).

Teaching and Learning

(Maximum 5 pages)

A Teaching and Learning folio is a summary that documents your major accomplishments and strengths in this area.


(Maximum 5 pages)

The Research folio documents your research interests and contributions.


(Maximum 5 pages)

The Service folio documents your contribution to both the University community, your profession, and beyond. It may be that some of your achievements can be placed under more than one heading. Include information most appropriate for you and, elsewhere where the information is relevant, indicate where it can be located. Make clear in your documentation when the achievements occurred.

You will have more information and evidence regarding your activities and accomplishments that can be incorporated into your portfolio documents. The academic portfolio will be a summary and synthesis of your year or your career to date. You will be expected to collect and organise all of the evidence available about your performance so that you can draw on it when needed for different purposes. An academic portfolio is used to substantiate your claims for a particular purpose.

The Academic Portfolio can be used for:

Preparing an Academic Portfolio can also be useful for reflecting on and evaluating one’s personal and professional development needs.

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A completed Academic Portfolio will contain a number of different elements depending on the purpose for which it is being used. Not all aspects are needed for all purposes.

Cover sheet or relevant application form

This should be signed and dated by the applicant and should contain the following information:

  • Title and name of staff member
  • School and/or discipline
  • Position held (for example, Level A, Level B)
  • Appointment (that is tenurable, tenured or fixed-term)

Personal statement

All staff are required to complete a personal statement. Your Personal Statement should articulate the specific grounds on which your application is based. It is anticipated that it will contain an explicit statement delineating clearly the main focus of your work and the particular achievements that are claimed, together with a brief overview of the significance of your contribution in the wider context of the discipline and the University. It is an opportunity to say how your duties, or circumstances, may have affected the overall production of your work.

Supporting documents

CV Template [DOC, 38.0 KB]
Updated 15 Jun 2016

Whilst there is no page limit on the CV, applicants are encouraged to limit each of the three folios to no more than five (5) pages when submitting the portfolio for promotion or PDA purposes. Use language suitable for both practitioners in your field and lay people.

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Summary of documentation to be submitted

PurposeDocumentation Required
Material to be submitted by Applicant to Head of SchoolHead of School to forward Academic Portfolio and other material required to position indicated
Application for Tenure
Application for annual review of tenurable appointments

Policy Statement: Academic Tenure
Academic Portfolio: To Dean through Head of School
Application for final review of tenurable appointments

Policy Statement: Academic Tenure
Academic Portfolio: To Dean through Head of School
  • Head of School/Supervisor’s Annual Report on academic staff member holding an appointment subject to review (Tenurable) with Head of School's/Supervisors recommendation.
Application for Promotion (Restricted to 40 pages in length)
Application for promotion (teaching and research staff)

Application for promotion (research staff)
Policy Statement: An Overview of Promotion for Academic Staff

Policy Statement: Fast Track Promotion for Academic Staff
  • Application for Academic Promotion Form (Part 1) including nomination of Assessors
Academic Portfolio:
To the Dean through the Head of School
  • Application for Academic Promotion (Parts 1, 2 and 3)
To Executive Officer, Academic Promotions Committee
  • Application for Academic Promotion (Parts 1, 2 and 3)
Performance Development and Appraisal - Optional
Policy Statement: Performance Development and Appraisal for staff at The University of Western Australia

Performance Development and Appraisal
(Where the Head of School is not the reviewer, portfolio and statement against the Expectations of all UWA Staff to be forwarded to alternative reviewer)

Academic Portfolio:
To Dean through Head of School

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