Human Resources

Folio 2. Research, scholarship and original achievement and/or other relevant creative work

It is recommended that research activities (including scholarship and other original creative work) be documented according to the headings below.

This folio is limited to five pages.

It is anticipated that much of this information will also be documented in Socrates.

Research objectives

Statement about your areas of research interest with a comment about the significance and thrust of your research activities and achievements and the breadth of your expertise.

Research achievement

  • Publication of papers, chapters, books and/or conference presentations (provided in your CV). To demonstrate the quality of publication a brief explanation of the quality of the journals and/or publishing houses is recommended. Similarly in the studio arts or music indicate whether these were juried shows and/or competitive performances and the nature of any reviews.
  • Postgraduate supervision including numbers, destination and awards with distinction (by year). This may also be included within the Teaching and Learning folio but not both. You may wish to cross reference.
  • Competitive research grants and contracts.
  • Any other activities.

Leadership in research

  • Research grants including writing of grant applications, assessing grant applications and internal reviewing of grant applications.
  • Development of research staff as evidenced in team achievements.
  • Commitment to quality with an international focus.
  • Any other activities.

Supporting documentation

Supporting documentation for either research achievement or leadership could include the following:

  • Research funds received - provide full details.
  • Invited lectures/seminars/conference presentations, invited books, chapters and other publications.
  • International linkages
  • Invited membership of professional societies. State the names of professional societies or associations in which invited membership is held, together with the term and title of any positions held in these organisations. Indicate where admission to membership depends on an assessment of professional competence in addition to the holding of appropriate academic qualifications.
  • Awards received by professional associations for outstanding research or creative work (provided in your CV).
  • Citations.
  • Patents.
  • Any other feedback.